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Våra värderingar i ansiktet

Born of a need to make skincare that is potent, honest, transparent, accessible, (truly) inclusive, vegan, and brimming with evidence-based ingredients in clinically tested concentrations, that truly serve your skin while saving your precious time. Combined with a desire to change the narrative from ‘flawless perfection’, to each of us having self-confidence in our perfectly imperfect beauty; it was ahead of the curve on all counts.

... a brand made for savvy, switched-on skintellectuals, created almost a decade before the term was coined. It’s made for those who, understand skincare know how to peer past hype, packaging, and toe-curling prices that somehow whisper ‘this stuff will change your life’. They much prefer the thrill of spotting a formula that slays, at a price people can afford. You’ll wonder what took you so long to discover this plucky British brand, made by a woman, for women and that serves all genders, races, religions and ages.

A brand that over-delivers

A brand that has nothing to hide


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