MERUMAYA Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF 20 set

Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ 30ml + Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF 20 10ml Travel Size

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Get a travel-sized Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF 20 10ml for only £5 when purchased alongside Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ 30ml at full-price. Saves £9.50.


Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ 30ml. 
Stabilised retinol is a dermatologist's favourite ingredient for dealing with skin ageing and acne. Ours is at full strength but, combined with peptides, aroleat samphira and hyaluronic acid, you get all the skin benefits without the redness, irritation, skin flaking and dryness.

Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 10ml 
Provides rapid moisturisation, long-term hydration and repair, with broad spectrum sun protection, which helps prevent further skin ageing.

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