Problem Skin Kit - Acne Sensitivity Ageing

Acne. Spots. Calms. Skin ageing. Blackheads. Brightens.

Treating problem skin and ageing youthfully are not mutually exclusive. Poor product choices can be too aggressive, causing skin damage, undermine your efforts to keep skin youthful or even cause spots, blemishes, blackheads and sensitivity. I (Maleka) have decades of personal experience with this and sought ingredients that deal with the visible signs of ageing, while also dealing with spots. We then loaded the formulae with anti-inflammatory ingredients, so that even sensitive skins can enjoy the benefits of highly active products and the superb results they give.

Melting Cleansing Balm™ 100ml uses Sweet Almond Oil, Echium Oil and anti oxidants to make this a perfect first cleanse.  Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Use with Daily Cleansing Cloths™, soaked in warm water, to help open pores and for thorough removal of makeup.

Luxury Facial Wash™ 100ml is formulated with specially-selected, gentle surfactants for an effective second cleanse.  Addresses spots, acne and blemishes.  Delivers mild exfoliation and unclogs skin while providing powerful antioxidant protection. Use with Manual Cleansing Brush™ for a thorough, non-aggressive alternative to electric cleansing brushes.

Use both in the evening to remove makeup and purify skin of daily grime. In the morning, use which best addresses your skin's issues.

Concentrated Spot Treatment™ is uniquely formulated with four clinically tested active ingredients and loaded with anti-inflammatories, to get rid of spots swiftly and calm irritation at the same time.

Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ 150ml effectively removes surface dead skin cells to detoxify, cleanse and refine pores, revealing fresher, smoother, brighter skin.

Iconic Youth Serum™ 30ml is a non greasy face serum that adds radiance, improves lines & wrinkles, elasticity, dark spots and skin's 'bounce', resulting in a more healthy-looking skin. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid provides excellent hydration, while it simultaneously helps to prevent spots and blemishes. Provides powerful anti-inflammatory action to soothe sensitive and acneic skin.

Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™ gives the thinner eye-area skin the moisture it needs.  Lines and elasticity are significantly improved while puffiness and dark circles are noticeably reduced.

Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™ peels away top layers of skin to hasten the departure of breakouts.  This also reveals a clearer, brighter, more radiant complexion.  Oily skins appear less sallow and pores are more refined.  Problem and acneic skins experience much reduced congestion and blockages which helps to prevent blackheads and spots.  Make up glides on to reveal good skin rather than good make up. 

Mud Marvels Mask™ deeply cleanses and detoxifies skin, helping to improve spots, acne, blackheads and congestion.  It minimises pores and helps control oily skin.  AHA's gently exfoliate for a clearer complexion.  

Bi-Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover™ is perfect for effective and gentle eye make-up removal, while hydrating the delicate skin around the eyes.  The moisturising, non-scratchy, 'cushion' effect is thanks to the addition of a humectant hydrating gel into the bi-phase formula.

Mature skins should add Overnight Recharge Night Cream™ and Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 to your basket.


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