Mineral Cleansing Paste with zinc, magnesium, copper, iron & silicon

Mineral Cleansing Paste™

Good for: boosting skin essential minerals, healing, deep cleansing, polishing. All skins

A first of it's kind cleansing paste. A pioneering vegan formula packed with essential minerals that boost skin function, healing, repair, collagen & elastin, oxygen, while giving you the cleanest cleanse and gentlest micro-exfoliation. Skin looks and feels oh-so-smooth, it has vitality and looks energised.

This cleanser is for your if your skin is dull, has large pores and blackheads, is flaky, oily, dry, dehydrated, uneven skin tone & texture, dark spots, skin is fatigued or sleep deprived, patchy, sluggish, sallow or spots & scars. Use it daily or a few times a week (take a look at our Couture Cleansing concept), mixing it up with Melting Cleaning Balm. Scroll down for customer reviews. 

Contains skin healing zinc, anti-stress magnesium, oxygenating iron, elastin forming copper, collagen boosting silicon, vitamin E packed Sweet Almond Oil and powdery fine corindon exfoliator.  Read more about ingredients in the tab below.


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"The inspiration here is because from the age of 13 all the way to about 47 I have suffered with a problem skin. As I aged and wanted to keep looking youthful, I found moisturisers/treatments made me breakout so, only used to use serums.

I know from my decades in the business and from training as a beauty therapist that good cleansing is a cornerstone to vibrant healthy looking skin. That said, people with problem skins often use cleansers that strip the skin.

I wanted to create a wash off cleanser that was gentle, effective and did not leave the skin feeling tight afterwards so that even mature, drier skins with spots could use it.

In the evening, if you use face make up, I recommend Melting Cleansing Balm™ to remove it and then follow up with Luxury Facial Wash™ (and Manual Cleansing Brush™) to actually clean the skin underneath. LFW contains enzymes that help to keep the skin clog free and a low dost anti-spot ingredient so that you are managing the problems. In the morning, chose the cleanser dependant on how your skin is behaving i.e. if spotty, use LFW and if clearer, use MCB. This is exactly what I do."

Maleka Dattu, founder and creator of MERUMAYA® Integrative Effective Skincare