Manual Cleansing Brush™

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A gentle alternative to electric cleansing brushes, that works well with all foaming cleansers and wont compromise your skins natural moisture barrier.


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Not as aggressive as electrical cleansing brushes, so it does not damage your skins Natural Moisture Barrier, which provides critical protection for your skin.

Gentle enough to use everyday with any foaming cleanser and our Luxury Facial Wash™. In addition, you don't need mains, charging or batteries. It is light, portable, small and of course, a fraction of the cost.

    • Ensures a thorough, gentle cleanse, even in facial folds & up to hairline.
    • Gentle vegan fibres so no damage to your skin's moisture barrier even with daily use.
    • Gently removes skin dulling dead cells
Used with Luxury Facial Wash™ for a thorough, facial-quality cleanse that very gently exfoliates the skin. It helps to ensure that you get thorough cleansing where congestion usually occurs; round the nose, the dip in the chin and close to the hairline. This helps to prevent spots and blackheads from forming.

For men, it helps to lift the beard hairs and assist in a closer shave.

Wash brush before first use and regularly thereafter.


I trained as a beauty therapist and so have always understood the importance of thorough, gentle cleansing. I also had a problem skin from the age of 13 and did not stop until I started using my lab samples before I launched the brand. I used to use my Dad's shaving brush to cleanse my skin and that is what inspired me to create the Manual Cleansing Brush™ to use with the Luxury Facial Wash™ (not Melting Cleansing Balm™).

Furthermore, when the electric cleansing brushes got so popular I bought one but found the manual cleansing brush better for the following reasons: 

  • head is smaller so can get right up to hairline and around the nose, chin more effectively and without ruining the blowdry
  • bristles are softer so it is much more gentle on the skin
  • no need for batteries, mains supply, adaptors or the space to store it all
  • when travelling manual cleansing brush is lighter, smaller and needs none of the above
  • It is much more cost effective

Try and let me know what you think.

Maleka Dattu's signature, founder of MERUMAYA skincare
Manual Cleansing Brush™

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