MERUMAYA Lip Line Restoration Treatment Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover set

Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ 9ml + Bi-Phase Plus™ Eye Make-Up Remover 128ml

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Get Bi-Phase Plus™ Eye Make-Up Remover 128ml for only £5 when purchased alongside Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ 9ml at full-price. Saves £9.50.


Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ 9ml 
Smooths vertical lines around the lip contour area. Provides immediate tightening as well as long-term repair and hydration.

Bi-Phase Plus™ Eye Make-Up Remover 128ml
Gentle and effective make-up remover that cuts through even long-lasting and waterproof makeup. No scratchiness, no oil-slick left behind. Perfect for sensitive eyes.

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