MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum Mud Marvels Mask set

Iconic Youth Serum™ 30ml + Mud Marvels Mask™ 30ml

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Get a Mud Marvels Mask™ 50ml for only £5 when purchased alongside Iconic Youth Serum™ 30ml at full-price. Saves £14.50.


Iconic Youth Serum™ 30ml 
Provides strong anti-inflammatory benefits and multi-level hydration. Thus it buffers the activity of Retinol without undermining performance and boosts moisturisation and hydration day and night.

Mud Marvels Mask™ 50ml
Deeply cleanses, detoxifies skin and improves skin tone & texture. It minimises pores, helps control oily skin, spots and blemishes.  Powered by activated charcoal and ground volcanic ash, along with AHA's, it gently exfoliates.  Results are a radiant, refreshed complexion.  A complex of nourishing oils ensures skin has a glam glow, without feeling stripped. Men love this too.

For more information on the ingredients that power each of these products, see the individual product pages.