MERUMAYA® Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream with SPF 15 duo skincare kit, for all skin types.

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Hand in Hand - Hand Cream Duo

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Hand Repair. Convenience. Gifts. SPF. Hyaluronic Acid.

Set includes: 2x Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream (50ml). Buying this set saves £5 on the regular price.

A duo of Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream that provides instant relief wherever you are.  It contains Hyaluronic Acid to give intense moisture, plump the skin and smooth lines and uneven texture.

Featuring our Signature Essence Blend (designed to uplift and raise confidence levels) to delight your senses.

Contains SPF 15 to protect the hands and help prevent age spots.  The beautifully balanced formula also passes the 'keyboard test' - no greasy residue.

Gift wrap shown is provided for free, though is subject to change. Decoration in image not included. For more information on this product, please see the Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream product page.

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