CONFIDENSUAL® INHALATIONS mood enhancing spritz

Good For: Smelling Sensual. Confidence Boosting. Calming, Feeling Happier. 

Women (and men) face an avalanche of challenges daily; dating, job interviews, getting kids to school, passing exams, divorce, anxiety, pressure, lack of confidence, loss of libido, feeling unhappy etc.  It all piles up and Confidensual® Inhalations was created by request of hundreds of customers who wanted our Signature Essence Blend bottled.  The mood enhancing ingredients may help you feel more confident, happier, in control, nerves soothed and uplifted. Perfectly sized for handbags and pockets so you can spritz at the very moment you need it or just because you love the smell!

We put it to the test with women and men, living these pressures, using the Official Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire. We were blown away by the results…

After first spritz and then 1-3 hours later (respectively), this is what the group reported:

Overall Mood increased by 127% and 156%

Happiness increased by 35% and 46%

Confidence increased by 33% and 37%

Anxiety reduced by -36% and -49%

The base notes are woody, musky, animalic; awakening sensuality and reducing inhibitions. Includes nature-identical molecules of animal scents that were used to increase confidence, attraction and even testosterone in times gone by.

  • Musk - Increases inner strength, calms nerves, reduces anxiety and is sexually stimulating.
  • Civet - Stimulates creative thinking, elevates energy levels, uplifts mood and improves any loss of libido.
  • Ambergris - sweet, earthy and animalic.
  • Castoreum - alleviates anxiety and induces pheromone responses in the brain.
  • Patchouli - releases serotonin and dopamine (our happy hormones). It is aphrodisiac and eases feelings of anger, anxiety and anxiousness

The middle notes are exotic, floral, feminine, sensual.

  • Ylang Ylang - energising, aphrodisiac qualities. anti-depressant it has a positive effect on emotions, lifting moods.  Romantic and uplifting while also calming and relaxing.
  • Jasmine - heavenly, exotic, narcotic, intoxicating, sensuous, heady with an almost animal quality. Lifts spirits, boosts confidence and relaxes the body to help dissolve emotional barriers. 

The top notes are citrus and green herbs, giving an initial feeling of light-heartedness, playfulness and awakening the senses.

  • Neroli - Soothes agitated nerves, relieves feelings of despair and helps decrease cortisol (the stress hormone). It's said to relieve symptoms of menopause
  • Basil - a tonic for nervous disorders and stress, it helps to open the mind and helps focus and concentration.

    Notes: the reported results were collective, so they are averages. There were some people who reported no effect but loved the smell We are not making any medical claims. If you think you are suffering mental health conditions you should seek the help of your doctor.


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    INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl ionone.

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