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#BeautyHasNoAge Makeup Bag

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Make-up. Gift. Sunglasses. Pencils.

Every time you get this make-up bag out of your handbag, it will remind you to feel fabulous and confident in your own beauty and at the same time encourage other women to feel beauty-confident too.

• A woman in her teens should not feel vulnerable to peer pressure, to look a certain way or be depressed because her acne makes her feel ugly.
• A woman in her 30's should not feel the desperation of a 'sell by date' for her beauty.
• A woman in her 50's does not have to succumb to anyone else's opinion of what is age appropriate beauty.
• A woman in her 70's+ should still feel beautiful, relevant and her beauty celebrated.

I want with all my heart for women to find their beauty-confidence early in their lives. To look in the mirror and not be so critical. To practice appreciating themselves in order to build a core of confidence that influences career, relationships, accomplishments, equality, and generosity in supporting other women.

The #beautyhasnoage make-up bag is a means to spread the message, to create dialogue and to encourage each of us to develop our confidence and never to shame and judge another woman based looks.

In the end, it's our deeds we should be judged on. With that foundation we can raise our daughters to feel confident, beautiful, supportive and supported.

And just as important, we can raise our sons to not be afraid of strong, capable women, to stand with them as equals and judge us not just on how we look. Please buy a make up bag and start talking about this message of female strength to your friends.