Bringing Sanity To Your Vanity

‘Vanity’ as in narcissistic, superficial and obsessive, triple-filtered and delusional…. not hot. But Vanity laced with a healthy dose of Sanity becomes something else:a byword for pride, self-confidence and control over what we look and feel like. And we’re all for that.

MERUMAYA® is made for savvy, switched-on skintellectuals who understand how to peer past hype, packaging, and toe-curling prices that somehow whisper ‘this stuff will change your life’. You much prefer the thrill of spotting an intelligent formula that slays, at an affordable price.

skincare ingredients in science glass

The Sanity of Intelligent Formulation

Naked woman with lovable on bum

The Sanity of your Confidence

Naked woman with lovable on bum
Hand holding natural plant

The Sanity of Clinically Proven

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The Sanity of our Skincare Philosophy

happy woman on motorbike
MERUMAYA cleansing balm

The Sanity of Sustainable Packaging

The Sanity of being Valued

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The Sanity of Unsponsored, Unendorsed, Unpaid Product Reviews

The Sanity of our Economy

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