The recent Customer Survey highlighted sustainable packaging as a growing area of importance and it is for us too.  Sustainability credentials are not something I have been shouting about, because there is so much to say about the actual products and brand, but that does not mean that we are complacent. To be honest, I think I've not wanted to be associated with brands that hang their entire story and reason for buying on sustainable packaging, inside of which are very basic products that deliver little in terms of results.

About six months ago, I did an IGLive with a packaging expert to get under the skin of the very confusing and selectively communicated subject of eco packaging. Before that, here is some information on what we already do and what is coming up:

  • We are using 50% post consumer recycled (PCR) for our tubes. The tubes are recyclable and you will need to separate the cap and tube (which is why it is a screw top) as they are different materials.
  • We are introducing larger sizes; on Melting Cleansing Balm a 250ml and Iconic Youth Serum a 48ml soon;
    • Less packaging
    • Less frequent ordering means less shipping materials and CO2 emissions
    • Lower cost for you
  • The 250ml Melting Cleansing Balm will not have a carton because we can get all the legally required information on the label. 
  • Daily Cleansing Cloths were changed to a 'packed lunch' style paper bag and each cloth is no longer individually wrapped. 
  • We do not offer single use products like fabric masks or cleansing wipes/pads
  • We avoid using cartons if we can and when we do, they are not overly heavy paper, nor cello wrapped. There is a lot of legally required info that needs to be visible and not enough space on most labels. The paper our cartons are made from is recycled and FSC from responsibly managed forests, ensuring they will be alive for future generations.
  • Our products are cruelty free - but I don't shout about it because it suggests that others are not, when it is legally required of all brands. It feels a bit disingenuous to sell on that basis, when I know it applies to all. But I might start making it a point. We are Vegan Society Certified which proves we do not use any animal or by product of an animal in the making of our products (some others say they are and then use honey because they claim the bee's were not hurt!)
  • We chose packaging suitable for the task of keeping your product safe and active. Airless pumps for treatment products do that well. All are made from different materials which makes recycling challenging, unless taken apart and even then the inner pump mechanism is not recyclable generally. We are constantly looking at ways to improve this.  A lot is involved in changing a pack so we will do that when we have the best option available that serves all needs. In the meantime we will try to introduce larger sizes when possible.

In the video below, I talk to Paul Jenkins, the founder of thePackHub and expert in packaging - start about 2 minutes in to avoid the initial faffing with sound. In it you will find the reality; the half truths customers are told, how glass uses x3 more energy and x5 more CO2 emissions vs. recyclable plastic and it would still take as long to biodegrade.  How sugar cane tubes are not more bio-degradable than recyclable plastic tubes and more. I learnt a lot and I think you will too. Have a watch - it also questions all of us and how we can all do better. How symbols, 'clean beauty' etc. are unregulated, sometimes even fabricated. 

I'm absolutely in agreement that we must make strides that protect our planet; I'm also saying that brands need to fully inform you on the pro's & cons and make sure that getting good results is not compromised.  Though we are by no means perfect, we have made some significant improvements (that we did not shout about) and will continue to seek more eco options that are truthful.