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Refer a Friend

It takes quite a bit of courage, some say madness, to launch a small skincare brand. It means going up against the ruthless huge corporates and the disingenuous, fear-mongering, miracle-claiming, extortionate-pricing and trickery of other brands.

I don't have $5million for a celebrity endorsement and because your trust is important to me, don't pay magazines, e-zines, bloggers or youtubers to 'review' a product. Therefore...

I am totally reliant your referrals to friends and family, to survive in this crazy business. You don't need to give me anyone's contact details, simply email or publish your unique 15% discount code to your friends and it is their choice to take it or leave it. You will get redeemable points and my undying gratitude. So, if you want to help me, see below

Maleka Dattu, Founder


Refer a Friend & earn reward points

How to find your unique link

  1. Log into your account or create one
  2. Click the rewards button in the top left hand corner of the header.
  3. Your unique link will be shown in the pop-up box. 

What next?

  1. Share your link with friends
  2. When they click the link, a pop-up box will appear allowing them to enter their email address 
  3. Their 15% off code will be emailed to them
  4. When they order with the code, we'll send you an email to let you know that 50 Reward Points have been automatically added to your account 
  5. Click here to learn how to spend your Reward Points

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