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Born of a need to make skincare that is potent, honest, transparent, accessible, (truly) inclusive, vegan, and brimming with evidence-based ingredients in clinically tested concentrations, that truly serve your skin while saving your precious time. Combined with a desire to change the narrative from ‘flawless perfection’, to each of us having self-confidence in our perfectly imperfect beauty; it was ahead of the curve on all counts.

... a brand made for savvy, switched-on skintellectuals, created almost a decade before the term was coined. It’s made for those who, understand skincare know how to peer past hype, packaging, and toe-curling prices that somehow whisper ‘this stuff will change your life’. They much prefer the thrill of spotting a formula that slays, at a price people can afford. You’ll wonder what took you so long to discover this plucky British brand, made by a woman, for women and that serves all genders, races, religions and ages.

A brand that over-delivers

A brand that over-delivers

MERUMAYA® is the brainchild of Maleka Dattu, who in a former life was a top-flight executive at some of the world’s largest cosmetics brands. On intimate terms with the mechanics of the skincare trade, she knew she wanted to do things entirely differently when it came to her own brand. She wanted her customer unequivocally central to every decision, not just on a corporate vision statement. She wanted to over-deliver, not over-promise. Instead of hope in expensive jars, she wanted to sell results in simple tubes. She spent her development money not on packaging and marketing, but on the best scientists and formulators, on ingredients at active concentrations and delivery systems backed up with clinical proof.

Wanting to help save British jobs in the process, she had MERUMAYA® manufactured in the UK. Despite all that, she produced highly effective products at such reasonable price points, it confounded the beauty press when the brand was first launched.

A brand that has nothing to hide A brand that has nothing to hide

A brand that has nothing to hide

This brand was transparent from its inception because it has nothing to hide. You will spot superior, sophisticated formulas, alongside claims that speak truth, not magic.

Inclusivity & diversity is not a marketing concept for MERUMAYA®, but part of the DNA: its creator is of Zanzibari descent (a distinction shared with Freddie Mercury!), & passionate about making real women feel confident about their real selves.

Signature Essence Blend

Rooted in the concept of integrative medicine and belief in the power of the mind to build (women’s) confidence, this scent, present in selected products, is shown to uplift and empower.

A brand that has nothing to hide


The MERUMAYA® tagline is #beautyhasnoage, because that’s the truth. Youthful Ageing is made possible and easy. You won’t see prescriptive imagery here; there is no fit/glossy/ superwoman/woke-up-like-this ‘tribe’ to belong to, or live up to. There’s no attempt to dupe you with anything that deflects attention from what’s in your products, and how they will genuinely benefit your skin.


A girl in her teens should never feel pressure to conform to narrow beauty standards in order to be ‘popular’. Nor suffer clinical depression because acne makes her feel ‘ugly’. A woman in her 30’s should not be made to feel her beauty has a sell-by date. A woman in her 50’s does not have to succumb to anyone else’s idea of age-appropriate beauty. A woman in her 70's+ should still feel beautiful, relevant, heard – in fact, revered.

Why does a woman look in the mirror and see her spots, lines, large pores or muffin top, while a man sees George Clooney staring back at him? The difference is confidence. It starts with that conversation in the mirror every morning: no more hating or slating self! Instead blow a #kisstoself then pay it forward, looking for beauty in every person.

A brand that over-delivers

‘I want us as women to positively take back control for how we feel about ourselves. Don’t leave your ‘happy’ in the hands of a partner, magazine, blogger, model, or corporation. Instead, revel in the liberation of confidently making our own informed choices, recognising our beauty at every age and always pursuing our dreams’.

‘Together, by example, we can teach upcoming generations of women to feel secure, confident, capable, supportive as well as supported, liberated, beautiful and, I hope, happier – all much earlier in life than perhaps we did. Can you even imagine how good that would feel and how much more women would achieve from that starting point’?