Maleka's Skincare Philosophy

Maleka's Skincare Philosophy

Maleka's Skincare Philosophy

Skin Ageing, Acne Sensitivity including dermatitis, rosacea and other skin conditions have inflammation at their core. We formulate so you get the optimum clinical concentrations, teamed with high levels of anti-inflammatory, so you get results without overdoing it and causing skin ageing inflammation.

Use the minimum number of well formulated evidence-based products that provide a clinically tested dose of all the key active ingredients that you need to keep your skin youthful and healthful. That include sensorial therapy to support the power of your mind to increase your confidence. All in the SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME, not obsessing over pore size, lines and shelfies. Get GREAT Skin!…now get out there an LIVE your LIFE!

None of us will get to our death beds and wonder if 15% Vitamin C would have been better or if layering 5 serums instead of 1 would have made us happier.

Cleanse and tone

Cleanse & Tone

Chose 2/3 cleansers and toners. Always Melting Cleansing Balm to remove make up SPF, etc. Second PM and AM, chose cleanser to clean your skin that matches how your skin is behaving right now. Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ at night and Treatment Toner morning.



Treatment Products use per instructions and if it says AM & PM, that is because you will get better results. All Iconic Youth Serum™ and Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™. Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF20™ and Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ as needed and as instructions.

Specialist Skincare


Skincare Specialists – use as and when needed e.g. spots. Skin peel etc. You will get all of these important ingredients, in optimum concentrations without overdoing it and damaging skin.

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