Get Inspired, Be Happy

I wanted to create an area that is a haven in which you can immerse yourself for a few minutes and come out feeling strong. A place where you can re-boot the courage to pursue your dreams, to fight back, protect yourself and find the strength to say, ‘Hell, NO!’ A place where you can calm a too-busy mind, re-set your compass, laugh and recall happy memories. Where you can feel together, even when you're alone. I want you to feel supported and to be supportive. We have a long journey to equality and we must stand together.
Get inspired. Be happy!

Don't cover up your unique beauty. Your freckles are stunning. No-one has the right to decide what is age appropriate for you. Those that judge are not happy in themselves. Dance as often as you can. Even on your own in your lounge. You will feel happy, guaranteed. Happy without an iPad! Who knew?
Remember that under a head scarf is a beating heart, a woman of beauty, a Mother, a Daughter and a human being that feels pain and joy, just as you do Look up to the sky, take aim and pursue your dreams. _ _
Do you remember feeling like this? Do all you can to recapture that optimism. Sometimes you just have to brave it and swim against the tide.  Think of those women who have gone before you, grit your teeth and do it. You will be glad you did. _ _
But don’t let it make you bitter, if he has other qualities that make your life better. Unless we apply action, we are just making a wish list To do that we have to keep dancing, laughing and engaging in life But we must not leave men behind we must not have them thinking feminism is about man-hating rather than equality.
We have to believe that. Life without hope is not an option Thing is, we have to really believe that! Confidence is so sexy. Feminist issues are often about being able to get an education, chosing who we marry. It’s not only about equal pay and glass ceilings, important as that is
Women must stand together in support if we are to achieve our goals Do you dwell on things that you know, are holding you back or making you miserable? Stop! A good pillow fight can sort a lot of issues. Have one today! Hugs are under-rated. Make it tight. Don't worry about your hair getting mussed up.
Lets do more to support each other. Only then can we face the controls that are imposed upon women Teach our girls to be confident and our boys to admire and feel comfortable with strong women We can chose to see the funny side of most situations. When you are feeling glum. Stand in front of a mirror and laugh. Force it out and very soon it will be real endorphin inducing laughter. What can you do to help women get an education? Do it!
So much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are also smart and brave. Education combined with determination combined with female, is a powerful combination that has the capacity to ensure love triumphs over hate. Best friends don’t always look the same. What do you love about your best friend? You will look back, chuckle and be glad you did. So, go raise a few eyebrows.
Don’t you just love a woman with plenty who gets out there and uses their wealth for good? We women worry too much about what other people will think. Go ahead and ROAR! We can still feel that way. Dance in the rain. Or just jump in puddles. Promise you will feel happy.
This makes me yearn for festivals, paint fights, silliness. When was the last time you indulged in this type of activity? Those eyes are full of hope and trust. We must not let her down. Remember the last time you did that with your best friend? Revel in that memory and do it again as soon as you can. This message is what MERUMAYA is all about. We love that we are all perfectly, imperfect women!
I’m 54 and still working on it. We can make sure our girls get there quicker than us. The love of a teddy shows us that whatever colour, race, gender, we are no different. Tolerance and acceptance starts right here. Get used to it and be proud of it. Besties. Never give yours up.
Luxury is clean drinking water for millions. Be grateful. Be mindful. Give what you can. Happy and relaxed. Feels so good. When was the last time you skipped? Do it today. Shyness holds us women back from so much. We are too often afraid of being laughed at. I hear it from my 5 year old daughter. We have to encourage them not to care
Have you ever been to a festival? One for the bucket list? I only know that each 5 years you will look back and wish you were that thin, that young, that unlined….. so, enjoy how you are right now! Clashing is classy and cool Women of the world, unite.
Remember doing that at school. Do it now and keep your bones strong and your heart alive. Don’t worry about the mess. Play. Make a wish. Laugh more, it makes you beautiful Hasn’t Betty got this right?
Confidence on the outside becomes confidence on the inside Believe it! So make your footsteps on this earth count. Ride a moped with your best friend at least once in your life
Pop to the shops in a statement outfit! How many of us have tried to? Let’s help other women to avoid this trap. Striving for equality does not mean we cannot also be female. Even a queen burdened with the work of the nation for 7 decades laughs. Did you laugh today?