Skincare Ingredients Glossary

Ingredient Glossary

If you want to know more about, 'what ingredients should be in my skincare', this active ingredient glossary will explain, what, why, how and which products you can find them in. We are serious about offering you effective, evidence-based ingredients in our treatments so, we use them in the clinical concentrations proven to deliver results. 

They are cutting-edge scientifically proven ingredients, most from a natural source, delivered to your skin in sensorial textures with our Signature Essence Blend, to boost your confidence. Every product is created in collaboration with globally awarded Cosmetic Scientists to target prevention/repair of skin ageing, acne and sensitivity (inflammation), for immediate and long-term, sustained results and at a deeper cellular level.

*This information is not medical advice and should never replace the advice of a doctor or dermatologist.

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Active Ingredient RESISTEM (Globe Daisy)


RESISTEM contains plant stem cells from Globulareia Cordifolia (Globe Daisy) to increase radiance and luminosity. RESISTEM also helps to decrease skin redness and enhances natural skin glow.

In clinical trials it is shown to defend the skin, acting like a ‘vaccine’ against skin ageing symptoms therefore helping to protect and regenerate. It stimulates the ‘clean up crew’ (proteasome) to remove the waste products associated with drab-looking skin.

RESISTEM can be found in our Iconic Youth Serum™

Active Ingredient Retinol (Vitamin A)

Retinol (Vitamin A)

See entry for Vitamin A below. Retinol is unstable so, we use Vitamin A Palmitate, a stabilised version with proven efficacy.

Active Ingredient REVIDRATE™


REVIDRATE™ provides long term moisture regulation. It is shown in clinical tests to biologically activate all intrinsic moisture regulatory processes; increase of Natural Moisturising Factor, ceramides, skin’s own glycerine.

It acts on the active layer of the epidermis to promote the skin’s natural moisturising components. It recreates the skin’s own natural moisture by supporting the water and lipid balance in the epidermis.

REVIDRATE™ can be found in Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20.

Active Ingredient RevitElix™ (Echium Oil)

RevitElix™ (Echium Oil)

RevitElix™ is Echium oil, providing a plant source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 & 9. In clinical trials, Echium Oil shows excellent results to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and participate in barrier repair and moisturisation. It helps rebuild the hydro lipid film at the skin's surface for long term plumping and building elastic fibres. Importantly, Echium Oil is unique in that it contains nature's richest known source of SDA (Stearidonic Acid) therefore, it is an effective anti-inflammatory and has been used to calm problem skin. We make no claims for the following, though there have been reports that acneic skins and some suffering from psoriasis have had benefits too.

Echium Oil has been used at clinically tested concentrations in; Iconic Youth Serum™, Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™ and in lower levels in Melting Cleansing Balm™

Active Ingredient Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid derived from the bark of a willow tree. It is a “keratolytic” which is exfoliating. It dissolves dead skin cell build-up and encourages the shedding of the top layer of skin, which helps prevent the pores from becoming congested.

Salicylic Acid can be found in Concentrated Spot Treatment™.

Active Ingredient SEACODE™


SEACODE™ is an active ingredient obtained through marine biotechnology and is specially designed to improve the appearance of fine lines in the lip contour area. It works by enhancing the synthesis of dermal proteins including Collagen I, thereby, reducing the visible signs of ageing in the short and long term.

SEACODE™ can be found in Lip Line Restoration Treatment™

Active Ingredient Silicon


Silicon is key in the formation of collagen to keep skin firm and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also Improves skin’s strength and elasticity Silicon can be found in Mineral Cleansing Paste™.

Active Ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)

Sodium Hyaluronate, also known as Hyaluronic Acid, is found naturally in the in the skin. It's abundant in the dermis of young skin, but levels of this important compound decline with age. This makes skin look older.

Sodium Hyaluronate gives skin volume by holding up to x1000 its own weight in water, making it the ultimate skin moisturiser and keeps it supple.

Sodium Hyaluronate can be found in Iconic Youth Serum™, Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™, Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20Intensley Youthful Eye Cream™, Treatment Toner ™ Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ and Lip Line Restoration Treatment™

Active Ingredient Squalane


Squalane is has a natural affinity with the skin, being one of the main components of the sebum and the hydrolipidic film. It is a multifunctional oil offering soft spreading and rapid skin absorption. It prevents moisture loss and restores the skin suppleness and elasticity.

Squalane Oil can be found in Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™

Active Ingredient SUCRAGEL™ (Sweet Almond Oil)

SUCRAGEL™ (Sweet Almond Oil)

Contains a high level of Sweet Almond Oil and acts as a ‘wash on’ moisturiser, leaving a velvety finish, while thoroughly cleansing.

Sucragel™ can be found in Melting Cleansing Balm™

Active Ingredient Sytenol® A


Sytenol® A, although chemically different from Retinol, exhibits a similar biological activity without concern for sensitivity, helping to address lines and wrinkles by boosting proteins in the skin. Unlike Retinoids, it is a broad spectrum antioxidant.

A contains Bakuchiol, a natural polyphenol which helps to inhibit inflammatory enzymes and seborrhoea while providing antibacterial and antifungal activity. It also contains a retinol-like pro-age activity so that it will not undermine your anti-ageing efforts.

This is also clinically tested anti-ageing ingredient that does not exacerbate problem-prone skins

Sytenol® A can be found in Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 and Concentrated Spot Treatment™

Active Ingredient TEGO TURMERONE™ (Turmeric)


TEGO TURMERONE™ is made from turmeric and it has been clinically tested to improve skin tone and texture. It is effective in the treatment of spot-prone skins, due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which fight pimples and breakouts while providing a youthful glow to your skin.

Not only does it help to minimise scars from spots and inflammation, it also helps to reduce oil secretion from sebaceous glands.

TEGO TURMERONE™ can be found in Iconic Youth Serum™

Active Ingredient TINOSORB® S (SPF)


TINOSORB®S has excellent performance as a photostable broad-spectrum UV filter and meets the high safety requirements.

It has high efficiency due to broad-spectrum absorption and is very photostable.

TINOSORB®S can be found in Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 

Active Ingredient VENUCEANE™


VENUCEANE™ contains enzymes from deep sea bacteria which survive in extreme temperatures, where living organisms would normally perish.

It is clinically tested to provide protection for the skin, help skin repair, neutralises free radicals and moisture. It also help improve hydration and lessen the irritating conditions so, limiting wrinkle formation.

VENUCEANE™ can be found in Iconic Youth Serum™.

Active ingredients Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A is an extremely effective ‘cell-communicating’ active ingredient, which is able to connect to skin cell receptor sites and tell them to behave like healthy, younger skin cells. Vitamin A boosts cell turnover, peeling away top layers to even skin tone, thicken the new skin layers, improve elasticity, even the skin tone and effectively smooth out wrinkles. It is also extremely effective at reducing breakouts. For all these reasons and its ability to regulate sebum, it shows superb results for even for more delicate skins, acneic skins and reduces the visibility of resulting scarring. Retinol is unstable so, we use Vitamin A Palmitate, a stabilised version with proven efficacy.

Vitamin A can be found in  Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™.

Active Ingredient Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a natural, potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger that protects the skin from damage.

Vitamin E can be found in Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™

Active Ingredient Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash draws out impurities to give your complexion a firmer, smoother and brighter appearance.

Active Ingredient Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel 

Witch Hazel is an extract from the leaves and bark of the North American shrub Hamamelis Virginiana. It is renowned for its anti-microbial, astringent, moisturising and soothing properties. It helps cleanse and refine pores, resulting in a smooth and clarified complexion.

The catechol tannins in witch hazel help remove excess oil from the skin, making it effective at treating blackheads and other blemishes.

Witch Hazel can be found in Concentrated Spot Treatment™.

Active Ingredient Zinc


Zinc is essential for skin healing. It is crucial for numerous metabolic functions that keep skin healthy, including enzymatic activity, protein synthesis and cell division. Zinc also provides antioxidant protection. Deficiency in Zinc is attributed to skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. It's antimicrobial properties prevent acne and breakouts.

Zinc can be found in Mineral Cleansing Paste™.

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