Why can't you give free shipping all the time?

We have not built in margin for free shipping into our pricing. You will get free standard shipping in the UK with spend over £45 and Internationally over £100. We have not increased those thresholds in the 8 years we have been trading. Even when you pay shipping, we still fund some of it, especially during Covid where shipping charges have doubled in some cases. Eg. Australia is £36 by Royal Mail currently (Sept 2020) From time to time we will offer a free shipping promotion so make sure you are signed up to our emails.

Discounts / Promotions

Can I use two discounts at the same time?

One offer/promotion/redemption code at a time.

What are the benefits of subscribing to your emails?

I understand if you are suspicious that signing up to my emails is just a way for me to sell you more products and I would be lying if I said I did not want you to do that. However, there is so much more....

I announce to email subscribers when I have an opportunity for new product testing. This means, you are first to try a product and you have a REAL chance to contribute to the final formula by giving your views. As an example, the Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover might have been pink had one tester not remarked that it reminded her of nail polish remover - she saved me from a mistake.

- I do offer specials to email subscribers first
- I announce a new product to email subscribers first
- I like to get feedback and participation from you

I add in tips, information, experiences on all kinds of subjects under the umbrella of 'Youthful Ageing' and invite guests to do so too. I would also love you to contribute quotes, join in videos with me, write blog posts, comments etc. I truly want this to be a brand that YOU are genuinely part of. I will do promotions that you can invite friends to. It would be great if you join me and participate in creating the next big British brand please.

Products / Ingredients

Are your products suitable for Vegans?

All our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society. It also means that those with religious requirements may also feel assured.

Are your products suitable for those with allergies to shellfish?

This question was referred to a Safety Assessor, via our contract manufacturers and this is what was reported back...

'Our safety assessor does not see any ingredients in your formulations that might cause allergic reaction to people with allergy to shellfish'.

Are your products Gluten-free?

I referred to one of our key cosmetic scientists who says our products are gluten free. Noting that if gluten intolerance is a serious issue, you will likely have questions over Rice Starch in Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ and Oat Oil in Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™. White rice and Oats in cereals contain gluten (unless removed) but the actual starch and oil parts that we use in our formulae do not.

As always, we cannot guarantee that our products or ingredients were not made in a manufacturing environment that handles gluten-containing ingredients.

I have been advised not to use foaming cleansers on my spot-prone skin. Can I use Luxury Facial Wash™?

Sulphates have a bad rep for drying out skin. We do not use them. Luxury Facial Wash™ is formulated with very gentle surfactants and active ingredients that help to control and prevent breakouts. If you have problem skin, we recommend:

- If you wear face make up, use Melting Cleansing Balm™ to remove make up and follow with Luxury Facial Wash™ to clean skin
-In the morning use which ever cleanser you think your skin will benefit from out of the two.

Do MERUMAYA® Effective Skincare products contain Nut Oils or derivatives?

The following products contain nut oils and though not strictly speaking a nut, I have included coconut to err on the side of caution;

- Luxury Facial Wash™ contains coconut-derived Seucrose Cocoate
- Melting Cleansing Balm™ contains Sweet Almond Oil
- Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ contains Cacay Oil

Products that are free of nut oils or derivatives:

- Concentrated Spot Treatment™
- Iconic Youth Serum™
- Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™
- Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™
- Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20
We do not add any nut or nut oils to these products, however we are unable to guarantee that factories or equipment that process any of our raw materials do not handle or process other materials that do contain nuts or nut oils.

Can I use Melting Cleansing Balm™ to remove my eye makeup?

Truthfully, people have mixed results, though most find it works effectively and love it. It largely depends on brand of mascara, how many coats, is it waterproof and how sensitive your eyes are. If you are using this already, try it to remove eye make up but don’t get it inside your eyes! It might sting if you do.

Why is a serum so important?

Serums are generally well absorbed into the skin and are designed to penetrate deeper vs moisturiser, which is designed to also make the surface feel more comfortable. Not all serums are equal and after that, it is down to the formula, active ingredients quality and concentration. We believe in a well formulated, power-house serum that has a multitude of benefits rather than layering several serums, each with one active that means you are also layering, silicons, preservatives etc. Iconic Youth Serum™ will transform your skin.

The Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™ smells a little ‘earthy’. Why is that?

It contains Echium Oil which is a plant source of Omega Oils and contains the richest source of anti-inflammatory, Stearidonic Acid. There is no fish oil in this product, it is vegan. I have tried 81 different formulas and none could match the effectiveness of this formula. So, honestly, if you want the most effective eye cream on the market, you need to get used to the smell. Some don’t smell it at all and others complain. For the vast majority it is not offensive and they see amazing results. For those with sensistive skin round the eyes, it becomes a bit of a lifesaver. I did not put the Signature Essence Blend in this but did at Rose Essential.

Why has my Treatment Toner™ gone yellow? Has the Vitamin C oxidised and become inactive?

Any yellowing is down to the acids (which are prone to a bit of yellowing) rather than the Vit C oxidising. Ascorbyl Glucoside (stabilised Vit C) only becomes Vit C (ascorbic acid) after reaction on the skin, so it won't oxidise (and hence become inactive) in the bottle.

Which acids do you use in Gentle Exfoliating Toner™?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) work as water-binding agents and in the right concentrations (as used in our Gentle Exfoliating Toner™) gently exfoliate by breaking down the substance that holds dead skin together. We use a complex containing a balance of Lactic Acid with Citric Acid and Tartaric acid.

I feel a tingling with Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™; is that OK?

This is an active product so I would expect you to feel some tingling. I have not come across anyone in tests, who found it very uncomfortable but if you do, remove it and rinse your face thoroughly with cool water.

Why do you suggest a double cleanse?

It is especially important for those that wear make up to first, remove make up and second to clean the skin itself. This is just required in the evening and for the extra minute or two, you will see a remarkable difference in the vibrancy of your skin.

Is the peel better than a scrub for exfoliation?

We developed Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™ with Acid and Enzyme technology and it has excellent benefits for pretty much all skin types without any ‘scratchy’ feel. It is equally good for its anti-ageing as it is for unclogging congested skins. It is active and leaves a smoother, more even exfoliated finish than traditional granular products tended to.

That said, Mineral Cleansing Paste™ has exceptionally finely ground crystals that ensure a gentle, evenly distributed micro-dermabrasion effect that polishes and smooth’s the skin’s surface. It does not contain micro-beads so there is no damage to sea life and our planet.

Do I need to use a serum and a moisturiser?

That depends on your skin-type and perhaps the season. To my mind it is absolutely essential that you use Iconic Youth Serum™, whatever your skin type or skincare routine. It has been developed as the pivotal product in the range and contains super effective active ingredients.

- Drier skins will need to use moisturiser on top of the serum
- Combination skins may use the moisturiser in drier areas or seasonally
- Oily/misbehaving skins might not use a moisturiser at all, but should use the Iconic Youth Serum™. In this case, do use SPF protection.

Why is the colour of the product sometimes darker?

The high concentrations and the origin of the active ingredients can sometimes cause colour to vary. This does not affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

Daily Cleansing Cloths™ and Manual Cleansing Brush™ pre first use

As with any towelling, we recommend that you wash them before your first use. The Manual Cleansing Brush™ should be washed through 2-3 times before first use.

Does MERUMAYA® use sulphates?

No we do not use sulphates in our formulae. We do display our entire ingredient list on each product page, under the tab 'Active Ingredients'.

Do you use parabens in your products?

No we do not but not because I think there is anything wrong with them.

Do you use the preservatives MI and MIT in your products

No we do not.

Can I use Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ or Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you have any doubt, don’t use them. While ingesting high levels of Vitamin A, e.g. Liver and supplements, can be a cause for concern, the concentration of Vitamin A in both these products is very small and would be considered safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You really have to decide how important it is to you to take the risk. If you do, as a precaution we recommend you avoid applying Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ directly to the tummy during the first trimester at least. Trials have not been conducted because pregnant women are unlikely to volunteer. If you are particularly concerned about using Retinol during pregnancy, we recommend you speak to your doctor. Our full INCI is on the website.

Is it really best to use all products from one range?

For the vast majority of skins, I think it is fine to mix and match if that is your preference and you get results. A couple of things to consider though are;

a) Sometimes products are created to enhance one another. An example of that in our range is the Iconic Youth Serum™ with Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF 20. I created both at the same time. IYS is the powerhouse for preventing and perfecting skin ageing; radiance, dark spots, lines, elasticity, plumpness, dehydration etc. While YPM does some of that too, it has been designed to focus very directly on moisturisation and protection (SPF and anti oxidant), in a way that was not possible in the serum. This is an example of two products that are actually designed to work together to enhance results. In a tightly edited range, with only one creator, that is more likely to be the case.

b) Many of the clinically tested actives do have cumulative benefits and commonly, the clinical trials are conducted using the ingredient daily for 28 days and beyond. Thus, if you don't use the ingredient twice daily and consecutively, you are unlikely to get the full benefits. Factor that in when chopping and changing from day to day e.g. different moisturiser every day. It doesn't matter so much with an ingredient such as Hyaluronic Acid, because it is used so prolifically in many brands, so you would get that benefit most likely.

Aside from the above, you should do what gets you the best results and makes you feel happy.

Is Dimethicone a bad ingredient?

Actually it is very widely used in cosmetics because it is a silicone fluid that allows the skin to 'breathe'. Like a number of other ingredients, it has had some bad press though the evidence is not conclusive. It is considered non-comedogenic

Does Shea Butter cause spots?

Shea Butter has been rated as non-comedogenic. This means it doesn’t interfere with pores or block them in any way, to result in spots.

That said, there are some who believe that Shea Butter does cause spots. The best thing to do is try it out for yourself, because we are all different and react individually.


Do you pay journalists or bloggers to write about or promote your products?

We have not paid anyone a fee to review our products or post on any social platforms. We do supply some products free of charge to journalists, bloggers and YouTubers, for them to test, knowing that there is no guarantee that they will write a review and if they do, we have no control over what they say. We have on one occasion participated in affiliate type commissions, (similar in concept to the commission that Beauty Advisors in department stores and Boots get), though without any knowledge of what the review will contain. There is no guarantee from the beauty writer, nor demand made by us, for favourable review. Many bloggers also buy products to test for themselves. Further, we do not pay or incentivise customers to write product reviews for us either. So wherever you see a review about our products on our site or magazine/influencer, you know it is genuine.

Do you test products on animals?

No we do not and we have been assured that our ingredient suppliers do not either besides which, it is illegal in Europe and many parts of the world. Neither to we sell in China where animal testing exists. I did think about obtaining the Cruelty-free certification but honestly, given that it is illegal, I think it is disingenuous to claim something that is illegal for ALL brands made in the EU; a marketing tactic to fool you into thinking that others who do not have certification must by definition test on animals. There are some who have certification and sell in countries where animal testing is required eg China. That is where you should focus attention if you are truly concerned about animal welfare – avoid brands that sell in China and others that require it. Just saying.

Why don't you make 'free from' statements?

They are now illegal but I have never been a fan. It’s a bit like the Emporer’s Clothes, selling based on fear; selling based on what is NOT in it, instead of what IS in it that delivers on the claims. It’s marketing BS so don’t fall for it.

Why don't you sell in more High St and Online retailers?

Put simply, the margins they demand along with the marketing spend they require make it impossible for us without hiking our prices substantially. We don’t think you want that. Sorry about that but, please support our small brand by purchasing on our website. I promise we will do our best to delight you and show we care about you.

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