We keep hearing from people just like you that they've wasted a ton of money buying ineffective, over-hyped, super-priced skincare.  That beauty information is confusing, ill informed, not trustworthy, grossly exaggerated, paid for, biased etc...

This is how Maleka suggests that you create your skincare routine. It's based on evidence-based active ingredients so you get results, sensorial therapy to uplift your confidence, common-sense and your knowledge about your skin's behaviour. Scroll down for the easy guide.

And if you want to discuss your individual needs, Maleka offers a free, personalised skin consultation over the phone, to help you make the right choices. Just email info@merumaya.com, with a few date/time options and we will get back to you with an appointment.


Cleansing & Toning

Thorough gentle cleansing is imperative for healthful skin. Booooring, you've heard it all before! Want to hear something refreshingly based on common sense? Read on...

Is any one day the same as the next? Think sunshine then rain, manic Monday to laid-back Friday, spotty skin, parched skin, dull skin, hangover skin, stressed skin, dry skin, flaky skin, spicy food skin, pregnant and hormonal skin, neglected skin, irritated skin, bad-nights-sleep skin etc. Contrary to the advice in magazines about weather and menstrual cycles, the surface condition of your skin can change daily.

Couture Cleansing (I coined that term!), is a dynamic way you can instantly revitalise the surface of your skin, based on how it feels and behaves right now! And, every morning and every evening when you cleanse and tone.

Always Melting Cleansing Balm™ because oil cuts through oil and it's gentle while it demolishes make up.

  • Oily skin - Luxury Facial Wash™ because pomegranate enzymes brighten skin
  • Dry skin - Melting Cleansing Balm because Sweet Almond Oil acts like a wash on moisturiser
  • Spot/Acneic Skin - Luxury Facial Wash because it contains a low level anti-spot treatment
  • Flaky/Dull skin - Mineral Cleansing Paste™ because it buffs and polishes skin
  • Sensitive Skin - Melting Cleansing Balm because it contains Echium Oil which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory
  • Mature with spots - Luxury Facial Wash because it is gentle and wont strip skin while it removes clogging dead skin cells
  • Uneven Texture/Tone and Spots & Blackheads - Mineral Cleansing Paste™ because it polishes, zinc heals, iron brings oxygen, copper boosts collagen
  • Male skin - it's skin! See above and pick


Note: use Melting Cleansing Balm with Daily Cleansing Cloths™ and Luxury Facial Wash with Manual Cleansing Brush™.





Treatment Products


Too often I hear beauty 'experts' advising that follower's chop and change their serums and moisturisers by day of the week, night/day and full moons!  STOP!

They do it because they have to give you new content regularly and that requires them to test lots of products and often not for long enough!  If that is not your job, don't do it. I've also heard some of them say it is a ruse by brands to get you to use their products. Mmmm, possibly some who do not formulate well, but below is the scientific and common sense reasons for my advice.

Serums, moisturisers, eye creams etc. are for long term, biological improvements to skin. Clinically tested active ingredients have generally been applied twice a day, every day for 28 days and beyond.  Therefore, if you chop and change treatment products, you will not get the cumulative results you are looking for.

Effective product, formulated with clinically proven active ingredients AND used in the same concentrations as they were tested, like MERUMAYA. need to be used as advised on the pack if you want to get the results that are claimed. We are unique in that I have formulated product to prevent and repair skin ageing that will also address acneic and sensitive skins at the same time.  I've chosen active ingredients that deal with skin ageing as well as acneic skin and I've loaded all treatment products with robust anti-inflammatory's so that sensitive, acniec skins can benefit from highly active products without being irritated.

My way is to use the minimum of products in the shortest amount of time so that you get away from the mirror and LIVE your life as confidently as possible.  Follow this advice and you won't go far wrong:

  • Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™ - notice I only have one eye cream and that is because it is formulated to be effective for dry, thin skin. For lines, puffiness, dark circles and firming.  If you've ever shopped a brand that has 6 different eye creams for different needs, you will have been a bit frustrated that it means you need 3 eye creams!
  • Iconic Youth Serum™ - there is only one serum and you have only one skin. Look after it. This is the heart beat of my collection. I promise you it was formulated as the be all and end all. You need the same active ingredients whether you are preventing skin ageing or repairing existing signs of skin ageing. So Iconic Youth Serum™ is relevant for every age, race, gender, skin type.  Radiance, Hydration, Lines, Elasticity, Calming, Anti-oxidant protection, Plant Stem Cells, skin repair, Brightening, Collagen synthesis, Firmness, Anti-inflammatory.
  • Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20. Most skin types to use this in the day time over serum.  If you have excessively oily skin and don't want to, just make sure you use some form of daily SPF. I've used ingredients in this, that I've also used in the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ so that you still benefit from twice daily use e.g. peptides, hyaluronic acid, per the clinical tests and ensures you get the results
  • Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™  also contains actives that I used in Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20 so that you get the twice daily application.  This product is only used at night and it is important that you don't undo the good work, hence important to use an SPF product during the day. This is a gentle, effective formula. Read about it and watch my video about retinyl palmitate to get the truth about retinoids. There are so many different types and so much ill informed advice along with horror stories of flaking, red, sore skin. You will not feel the ouch with this one and you will see results. The unique formula contains brilliant support active ingredients. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Skincare Specialists

Introduce these into your skincare routine as and when you need them. It could be daily, weekly, occasionally. Let your skin and common sense be your guide or call me if you are not sure.

  • Concentrated Spot Treatment™ - use 2-3 times a day directly on the spot when you have one
  • Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™ - use 1-3 times a week to eat up dead skin cells. It benefits every skin type and has high levels of anti-inflammatory's for even sensitive skin
  • Lip Line Restoration Treatment™ - more than a lip balm or plumper. It deals with the stubborn vertical 'bar-code' type lines on the lip line. Use twice a day if you need this product. Use zero times a day if you don't, even if you see a review!
  • Bi-Phase Plus™ Eye Make Up Remover - use if you wear a lot of eye make up and mascara or if, like me, you prefer a separate eye make up remover or if you have very sensitive eyes.
  • Confidensual® Handwash - use if you need a gentle hand wash, love the smell of our signature essence blend.
  • Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream. Use if you like an SPF in your hand cream and want to use one that has serious quality active ingredients, the type you'd use on your face.