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MERUMAYA Beauty Has No Age

A woman in her teens should not feel pressured to look a certain way in order to be admitted to the ‘cool gang’ at school. Nor suffer clinical depression because acne makes her feel ‘ugly’.

A woman in her thirties should not feel the desperation of a ‘sell by date’ for her beauty.

A woman in her 50’s does not have to succumb to anyone else’s opinion, of what age-appropriate beauty looks like.

A woman in her 70's+ should still feel beautiful, relevant and heard. Even revered.

#beautyhasnoage is our message to unite every woman in support of one another, in achieving beauty-confidence. It starts with that conversation in the mirror every morning and we say give a #kisstoself then pay it forward, looking for beauty in every person. No more hating or slating. Why does a man look in the mirror and see George Clooney looking back? Why does a woman often see spots, muffin tops, lines, large pores? The difference is CONFIDENCE!

I want women everywhere to positively take back control, for how we feel about ourselves. Don’t leave your ‘happy’ in the hands of a partner, magazine, blogger, model, or corporate. Instead, let’s revel in the liberation of confidently making our own informed choices, feeling beautiful at every age and pursuing our dreams at any age. At the age of 53, I coloured my hair bright pink ​(then lilac, then turquoise and green), in defiance of what is deemed to be age-appropriate. It feels liberating. In the street a woman in her 70’s told me, she is often told to give up her heels and now, has the courage to say ‘No, they make me feel good’.

At an event, I complimented a woman, that in a world of veneers the gap in her front teeth was so beautiful and unique. Later that night, she tweeted, 'Tonight a woman I’d never met, complimented me for something I used to be bullied about. I feel great. Spread happiness people'. That made me feel great too.

I hope you are inspired to engage wholeheartedly. Here’s how:

  • Give someone a genuine compliment about some aspect of her beauty.
  • When you get a compliment, do not retort with a ‘downer’ like ‘Oh but my spots/muffin top/it was so cheap…' Simply say 'Thank you'.
  • Use the hash-tag #beautyhasnoage and #kisstoself on your social platforms.
  • Share this important message with friends and family and ask them to join in.

Together, by example, we will teach upcoming generations of women to feel secure, confident, capable, ​supportive (and supported),​ ​liberated, beautiful and I hope, happier...much earlier in life, than perhaps we did. Can you even imagine how good that feels and how much more, women would achieve from that platform?



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