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Year of the OX and.. Trust & Dependability!

2021 is the year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac

The Ox is very hardworking and methodical. Yes, not sexy and not trendy. But seriously after 2020's drama, lies, virus, uncertainty, don't you want TRUSTWORTHY, DEPENDABLE, HARDWORKING?

The responses from the recent customer survey so many of you have completed, that is what you believe we represent. Both in the way we value you and in our products. I'm ecstatic and there is more to come.

So, I want to introduce or renew your excitement about our No1 Iconic Youth Serum™. In the customer survey the performance of this product:

  • 64% rated it VERY/EFFECTIVE
  • 31% NOT TRIED IT

If you only try one product, it should be this. 

Intelligently formulated to answer the needs of your skin. The ones you see AND the ones bubbling under the surface, that you never consider. The ones that can be prevented or lessened as well as repairing those that are visible.

It's the central beating heart of MERUMAYA and I urge you to use it twice daily whatever your age, race, gender, religion (vegan certified) or skin condition.

  • Restores your skins moisture barrier and that is vital to protect you Turmeric and other ingredients help even skin tone reduce hyperpigmentation to give the overall radiance that is always present in youthful skin.
  • It helps to repair and prevent lines, wrinkles while restoring skins' bounce, density and elasticity.
  • Hydration that goes through the skin layers to fortify.
  • Stimulates collagen production, thus improving the infrastructure of your skin And if you have redness, sensitivity, irritation, it will calm it right down

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