When I first became General Manager for Origins UK/EireI had not been exposed to the public relations or communications element of the
how to write a press release priority content for press releases[/caption] business. I asked someone very high in the ranks of the parent company, for their advice and was told 'make their (journalists/editors) jobs easier for them; provide information so that it could go straight onto their page if they were so inclined'....That advise was pretty much repeated by someone incredibly senior in magazine publishing,some 16 years later when I was having breakfast and sharing my 'secret' of creating a skincare brand. Here are some of the things I included in my press book which was given to all attendees at the launches and for the one to one meetings thereafter. You may be able to apply them to your own business and create some standout.
how to write a press release Bold Images for both covers[/caption] Branding; Create and use big images for the front and back cover. Dedicate a little space to explaining your brand unique selling points (USP's)and mission.  In the case of MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare it is in the name; Integrative & Effective.  I also included a page to explain exactly what that mean's from my perspective and what is 'in it' for the customer or reader. Index; including an index page up front makes it easier for the journalist/blogger to find what they are looking for. Also number your pages. The Story behind the brand; everyone loves to know who, what, when, why, where, how.  It helps to create the emotional connection between you, the brand owner/creator and the customer. Contact Details: Include them at every opportunity Product Information; In my case, each product had its own section beginning with Iconic Youth Serum which is the heartbeat of the brand.
At  information segmented in user friendly way[/caption] the top of the page are all the essentials; size, RRP, packaging, stockists etc.  Then I explained the product in a sentence, in a paragraph and in more depth. This is  to be sensitive to the time constraints, deadlines and depth of any piece a journalist or blogger might be writing.  If they are in a hurry, they can pick it up off the press release and plant it on their page. If, on the other hand, they are doing a much more in-depth article on a particular aspect of a product genre, they have the detail they need to include my products without the bother of calling in to my press office. Images; These need to be available for call in at a moments notice so have a bank of them ready to despatch by email as soon as you get the call. Alternatively, the product could be called in for photography by the publication/blog, often at a moments notice so, be prepared for courier costs. Lesson: Make their (journalists/bloggers)  jobs easier Lesson: Be prepared to provide information, images and product at a moments notice

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