The Skincare Journey of a 60 Something by Wendy a Customer

The Skincare Journey of a 60 Something by Wendy a Customer

I’m a 1950s New Zealand babe of Pond’s cold cream era with a vivid memory of my dear Mum’s soap and water morning ritual. Perhaps a harsh intro to skin care as we now know it but there was no ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ mantra back then.

Fast forward late 1970s, now earning my own $$, a friend introduced me to Lancôme. Oh the luxury, aged 22! Hardly a sustainable passion on my paltry Kiwi wage alas, I was hooked, I’d had a taste of the good stuff.

MERUMAYA Customer Wendy

Fast forward mid 1990s, Estée Lauder employ and associated ‘job perks’, all very nice thank you!

But it hasn’t always been high end or luxury brands gracing my bathroom shelves. Reality bites at times when economics dictated a supermarket brand at best. I also travelled to far flung global parts which meant a less salubrious or unknown brand was all I had access to, despite that the show went on with ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ rolled out daily.  No scrimping on that process, flashback to 1950s skin care.

Rewind 1980s, I distinctly recall a very well presented, very elegant lady stating ‘look after your skin regardless of the product, a good brand is a bonus but use the best you can afford‘. Another reinforced memory locked in.

And then by chance I read Maleka’s interview in a magazine and the joy of thinking, I know that lady! My introduction to MERUMAYA had begun.

In short, what keeps me loyal to Merumaya is plain and simple .. I love the products I use. My 63 year old face has had no ‘work’, it shows more lines and defects than I would like. Evidence of sun damage with a few biopsy and surgical scars, it is what it is but I’m taking the best care I can and that’s where Merumaya ticks all my boxes.  

Firstly the ethos, I am also passionate about ‘supporting local’ and I hugely admire a grafter, more so in the tough year just gone and current uncertain times.  Affordable luxury that is kind on my wallet

What Has Made A Difference? 

  • Eye Cream, I am positive this has reduced if not eliminated some of my lines and smile crinkles, they look far less.. happy happy!
  • Serum is not only gorgeous to apply but my skin looks healthier and less lined.
  • Melting cleansing balm is heavenly, it does what it says. Every bit of what doesn’t belong there gets removed and kindly! It feels great plus the tube size is very generous and it lasts. 
  • Everywhere Anywhere oil is the biz, I use a little over serum and under foundation and I glow!

What else I love is the moisturiser. I have recently started using retinol and look forward to seeing those benefits.

The product blogs are fantastic too, full of information. Each product is explained by Maleka, in her words no BS. There are video ‘how to use‘ tutorials plus reward points and special offers.. what’s not to love?  

Another restock order is on the way, including something I’ve not tried before, exfoliating peel.  And lastly, for the first time ever, I am using only ONE brand, all of my skin care is MERUMAYA.

By Wendy Taylor

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