Entrepreneurship and Domestic Disharmony

There was a build up of achievement on the business front over the previous 10 days and I was feeling good about the rhythm and momentum. This was tinged with concern as running parallel to this was the escalating breakdown of the relationship with our self-employed part-time nanny who was becoming increasingly chippy and making us feel uncomfortable in our home.  She ended up leaving without notice, announced in an email (only after that week's money had been transferred to her account) and at the time, I was rather relieved. On the same day, as this was all bubbling to a crescendo, my back went while I was sitting at my computer.  (Writing this has reminded me to tilt my pelvis and suck in deep, my tummy muscles). Oh! and that I have to run off for another physio appointment. Back in an hour......  

QuoteInterviews for Nannies from childcare.co.uk and I found one that did a trial on the Friday, she chased me to contact previous employers that weekend and her references checked out. While I had an annoying niggle,  that she was too good to be true and said as much to my husband, I was feeling somewhat smug that my 'superwoman' prowess had resulted in relatively little disruption to my business. Hah!  She started on Monday, arrived 20 minutes late (unusual for a first day but I said nothing despite the niggle rising) and 50 minutes later she sent me a text (when I was sitting in the room above) to say the baby was in her bed and she had left the house for an emergency and would not be coming back!  I cannot believe (read Victor Meldrew outrage) that anyone would do such a thing. I think she was offered another job and was too embarrassed to admit it. Back to interviewing and not so smug now. The stop, start, stop, start is difficult to manage in between taking care of the baby, interviewing and attending her classes like monkey music, rhyme time and baby yoga, my physio appointments and my Mother in hospital.  My plate was running over with life's little challenges.  That meant more evening shifts often until 2am, to keep the work on my integrative skincare brand going but I know I am not the first to do this.  My Mum always used to say 'Where there is a will there is a way'.  You soon get into the flow of organising all tasks such as telephone calls that must be done in traditional working hours, when the baby has a nap during the day and keeping all the heavy admin type tasks and email answering to the middle of the night. I found a new part-time nanny and it felt comfortable  immediately.  She is due to start in a few weeks and in the process I found someone else who  needed temporary work to fill in until then and is a lovely person who adores the baby. Sigh of relief will not be quite complete until Nxxxx actually starts and stays longer than an hour..... Please let me know if you have had similar challenges and how you overcame them.


 Recommend - childcare.co.uk  if like me, you are unable to afford nanny agency fee's but do make thorough checks and take references.

Lesson - If it feels too good to be true, it probably is. Trust you instincts.

Lesson - make sure you have a support structure around you that allows you undivided time on the business for at least some of the week. Apart from the part-time nanny, my parents look after the baby for one day a week.

Lesson prioritising is critical so that you keep 'work-time' communication going and stay on track.  I run a 'to-do' list on which I highlight priorities and send myself reminder emails.

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