Wearing make up at the gym?

Wearing make up at the gym is a hot topic at the moment.  I was driving back from visiting my Mum in Hospital last week when I heard it being discussed on Jo Good's BBC London show.  Apparently wearing make up at the gym is dangerous !  Once again the stories that strike fear in us, fill the airwaves.  Everyone it seems, has an opinion though I am not sure how much of it is expert opinion.  I thought I'd wade in too and gave the show a call. I have never done that before. The next thing I knew, I was speaking with Jo Good.  She clarified my credentials and we talked, on air.

The downside of wearing make up at the gym

is that it can cause blockages that cause spots and blackheads. If done frequently, there is more chance of dullness, uneven skin tone, sluggish  and congested appearance and make up looking heavier.  If you have acne it can make it worse. If you have sensitive skin that is reactive, it can make it more sensitive - in fact any skin condition could be worsened. Therefore, it is preferable not to wear make up at the gym.  Hang on....with the following caveats.  You might be exercising in your lunch break at work. I used to do this and it is impossible to remove a full make up, re-apply it, change, exercise, shower, change and get back to the office in a lunch break.  You may have  a skin condition that you just don't want to show. In either case, when you weigh up the pro's and cons of wearing make up at the gym vs. not exercising, the latter is going to be far more detrimental to your health in the long run so, do it!


If you are going to wear make up at the gym

beauty products for gym

If possible, try to have a weights, resistance and stretching day vs. a running on the treadmill which does generate a lot of sweat. 1. use a gentle face wash with some anti-spot ingredients on the morning you intend wearing make up at the gym. [caption id="attachment_2073" align="alignright" width="539"] If you are wearing make up to the gym, Concentrated Spot Treatment is a face saver[/caption] 2. if you suffer from spots, apply a thin layer of concentrated spot treatment™ to the area that suffers before you apply your make up, that day. 3. do not use waterproof face make up 4. blot any excess oil from your face before you begin work out. 5. if you need to touch up make up after exercising and you tend towards spots in the chin area, wash the chin only and re-apply. If you don't have time, apply a little Concentrated Spot Treatment™ before re-applying your make up 6. When you get home, take your make up off immediately and wash skin (double cleanse). Also,try to do an exfoliating treatment like this or use a mud mask and at least use an acid toner. 7. Never skip cleansing on other days and do a double cleanse in the evening, when you are wearing face make up. Let us know what you think - do you wear make up at the gym and if so, what have you noticed in your skin? Save Save Save Save

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