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best valentines present retinol beauty Valentines Day is almost upon us and it can put pressure on us.  I've experienced everything from receiving an engagement ring, during a Valentines Day dinner.  On one hand it was lovely, even though we divorced after 2.5 years, Ooops! On the other hand, it was also a bit embarrassing. In one of those restaurants that seriously rips you off, with a super-priced menu.  The many other women in the restaurant with their dinner dates, looked on with longing, while most of the men looked at my 'fiance' like they wanted to stab him in the eye! The origins of ST Valentines Day harks back to the Roman times. They did not want their soldiers marrying while on the conquering trail but one priest secretly conducted marriages. He was later executed.  So really it is an homage to LOVE and love exists between partners, friends and families though, it needs to start with self.  Seriously, we cannot afford to do away with anything that celebrates love. Especially in the hate-promoting, misogyny-accepting, on-line shaming and bullying, times we are living in.   Read on for our alternative position and a #kisstoself

Valentines Day Facts

85% of Valentines Day presents are bought by women. 49% of the British population hate Valentines Day (mmmm. wonder if that is the male half of our population?) Valentine's Day makes a lot of single people feel excluded and frankly, Singles Awareness Day or SAD....not a great acronym is it? In the US, 15% of all Valentines Day red roses are purchased by women... for themselves. In Finland, Valentine's Day is more about celebrating Friendships.

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This Valentines Day, give a  #kisstoself

At  MERUMAYA® we are all about giving ourselves positive messages, that make us feel good about ourselves and others.  So, give a #kisstoself  An expression of love for ourselves.  A nod of self recognition, appreciation of ourselves and our beauty inside and out. Here's how; Buy yourself a gift and have it delivered on Valentines Day. This is regardless whether your are single or in a relationship - we have a few suggestions. Here's an example of how you can extend good feelings to another woman in your life.  Yesterday, I was driving to the hospital to see my Mother and called my friend. 'I wanted to tell you how much I love you. That I really want us to be friends until the end'. Although she was a tiny bit embarrassed, it made her day, made her feel valued and made her smile. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, send her a Valentines gift too. Step by Step we will make sure, love triumphs over hate, wherever and however it exists.


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