A Celebration Of Love This Valentines Day And A #KissToSelf

A Celebration Of Love This Valentines Day And A #KissToSelf

Valentines Day is almost upon us and it can polarise us into the ecstatic and wistful, sometimes leaving people feeling EXcluded.  

The origins of St. Valentines Day harks back to the Roman times. They did not want their soldiers marrying while on the conquering trail but one priest secretly conducted marriages. He was later executed so it did not end well for him!

Centuries later, it would be great to uphold the tradition and also extend it, so that it is a celebration of LOVE that is INclusive.  The intimate love between lovers/partners whatever their gender, the true love of acceptance between best friends, the unconditional love between  Mother and Child, the secure love of family members, the generous love extended to people who we know who need a little extra support, perhaps because they don't have any of the above.  Seriously, we cannot afford to do away with anything that celebrates love. Especially in the hate-promoting, misogyny-accepting, on-line shaming and bullying, times we are living in.   You've heard it before and probably need to hear it again...it starts with loving yourself so,


This Valentines Day, give a #KissToSelf and celebrate love.

Margaret, 90, and Ferris, 91 first met at a High School dance. Ferris served in the Navy and for the next 2 years, the couple wrote letters to each other every day. When Ferris returned, they married in an intimate ceremony at their local Catholic church in Berwick, Louisiana. They didn't have a single picture taken to remember it by -- until 70 years later, when their granddaughter Amanda Kleckley planned a professional photo shoot reenacting their wedding day. "I can imagine the way they looked at each other all those decades ago is still the same way they look at each other today," said Amanda. 

Manni the wild boar was only a few weeks old when he was found starving in a field in Germany. Luckily, the Dahlhaus family adopted him and and introduced him to an unlikely friend: Candy, the family's Jack Russell terrier.  Manni even learnt how to bark.

This photo is of Richard and Mildred Loving, who travelled to Washington DC in June 1958 to get married, because mixed race marriage was illegal in their home state of Virginia. After returning, their home was raided by police who arrested the couple and insisted that their marriage certificate was invalid.  They were jailed for a year and exiled from Virginia for 25 years.

Edith Windsor met Thea Spyer while out dancing in 1962, a time when gay people were largely regarded as criminals and even diagnosed as mentally ill. 


Best Friends.  Michelle knows me inside out and loves me anyway, and that kind of acceptance is so very rare. Best Friends are for life. They love you, laugh with you and at you, cry when you cry, watch you fall on your face and pick you up.


Princess Diana is the best example of public adoration. The world loved her and she loved the world right back.

Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende were the first same-sex couple to get married in Germany on the day it was legalised, 1st October last year. They had already been a couple for 38 years. 

Mother and newborn

 The love between a Mother and Child is the closest we get to unconditional love.  

There's all kinds of love and we need to show it, talk it, celebrate it, accept it, give it, prioritise it, extend it, make it INclusive, every chance we get.  It's the only way to overcome the hate-filled narratives that threaten our happiness. 





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