Turmeric - A Goddess of a beauty ingredient

Turmeric has been a best-kept-secret of the East for centuries.  In fact it has so many attributes, there should be a Goddess Turmeric.  It is a rich golden yellow powder.  Or the root itself is increasingly available in supermarkets and the flesh is a happy orange colour. I add a few slices of Turmeric root and chopped Ginger to hot water for a cleansing, anti-inflammatory start to the day. It calms and give the skin clarity, while it is warmingly beneficial for the body and gut.  It also gives me a chance to feel virtuous, in advance of the free radical inducing indulgences I will partake later in the day.  It's called balance people!

I also add Turmeric and Ginger, along with some garam masala, to one-pot recipes and home-made soups. It adds a kick of heathful, flavoursome spice, without it actually being a curry.

As far as your skin is concerned, it is a genius.

Brightening.  It gives your skin luminosity and radiance.  It helps to even skin tone and minimise dark spots.  Indian brides are covered with Turmeric in a dough, before their wedding to beautify the skin.

Anti-oxidant.  Helps to prevent your skin cells from damaging free-radical activity, that ages the skin.

Anti-inflammatory.  The calming properties help to prevent skin ageing as well as calm acne, spots and blemishes. It's also reported to help calm rosacea and eczema type conditions. Needless to say it should be a staple for anyone with sensitive skin.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal.  Again, good for spots and overall wellness of skin.

turmeric best beauty skincareAll of this is precisely why we included Turmeric, (clinically tested and used in full concentration), in our best selling Iconic Youth Serum.  Turmeric is one of three active ingredients included for its skin brightening effects, evening skin tone and dark spots.  It is one of three anti-oxidants, used to protect the skin from premature ageing. It joins the incredible anti-inflammatory, Echium oil (plant source of Omega 3,6,9) to calm the skin, while you reap the benefits of highly active ingredients. Finally, our crafted formula's are all designed to keep skin youthful, while also helping to prevent spots for those that have them. Turmeric and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid help to prevent spots. Iconic Youth Serum improves radiance, elasticity, hydration, all signs of skin ageing and does so without exacerbating acne and problem skins.

It is so rich that oily skins often don't need a moisturiser and dryer skins will benefit from the boost it gives their moisturiser.  I've had customers with really serious skin conditions and some undergoing medical treatments for serious illnesses, tell me how much Iconic Youth Serum has helped their skin. I've always said, if you only try one product, let it be this one.  If you haven't already, it's time to give it a whirl.

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