What's the Top Selling Amazon's Choice Cleansing Balm in Skincare?

What's the Top Selling Amazon's Choice Cleansing Balm in Skincare?

Amazon's Choice is MERUMAYA Melting Cleansing Balm™!

It's true, it is the very best cleansing balm on the market and it is Vegan Society Certified. 

If you are asking, Which is the best cleansing balm for me? Is cleansing balm good for skin? Is cleansing balm good for oily skin? Which cleansing balm is good for acne? Which is the most hydrating cleansing balm? 

Natural Sweet Almond Oil vs Clogging Waxes

Most of the best known cleansing balms on the market load with waxes that can clog skin, require 'warming' and take time to remove.  Most common are beeswax which is not vegan, or petrolatum which is mineral.

We use nourishing natural sweet almond oil because it has an excellent affinity with your skin, is loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E, does not clog skin and is quick and easy to remove. It literally moisturises your make up off! Your skin is going to glow good. It's so much more expensive to formulate than waxes and ....

We include other high performing ACTIVE ingredients


Echium Oil, a plant source of Omega 3,6,9 higher in skin calming stearidonic acid than even fish oils, borage oil or blackcurrant oil.

The most soothing cleansing balm for sensitive skin. Add in Mangosteen extract for another does of anti-oxidant protection. 

So MERUMAYA Melting Cleansing Balm goes to work, layering hydration and  moisture into even super dry skins, right from the get go. And yet...


Our price does not rip you off

We know the tide is turning and women are taking a stand against over pricing. We charge about 20-40% of all the big names. Ours is £20 vs. average £50! and....

We kept our packaging light, portable, and though recyclable there is so much less of it.

The first cleansing balm to be squeezed out of a tube and it is within carry-on luggage limits. We could because we did not load it with heavy waxes. The competition use heaving, double walled jars in lined cartons with cello wrapping...and it all goes to landfill. When you think you've squeezed every bit out of our tube, cut it open and you get every last drop of our over filled (vs 100ml claim) tube. If that is not enough....

It's a multi-tasker

When packing light for holidays and weekends away, use it to shave legs, pre-wash conditioner, to tame frizzies, cuticle and lash oil, scalp treatment and it might even do you as a moisturiser for a day or two.  But wait...


Our Founder Maleka, is a proud Brit 

Committed to saving jobs in our country, she actually has it manufactured in the UK.  Yep, not just put in a carton here but actually made here. That's not all

The Sensorial Therapy experience 

Will have you feeling great about cleansing. The Signautre Essence Blend contains ingredients used to uplift confidence, make you feel happier. And we all know that a confident woman makes better life decisions that impact how we live our lives. And the texture...woooo...silky smooth, it glides onto skin, fingers dance your make up off. And if you want to rinse rather than use a cleansing cloth, go right ahead. But...

Is this the best cleanser for oily skin, acne skin or just dry and sensitive skin?

It is the best cleansing balm for all skin types and for men too. Check out the verified customer reviews on Amazon and merumaya.com and try it and see. Finally...

Look out for imposters, all using 'melting' in their titles. Melting Cleansing Balm is the original and the best and the only one that is Amazon's Choice and might be on their Black Friday deals.

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