The Truth About Blue Light & Skin Ageing

Here we go again…something else to give you nightmares. Blue Light! Quick, run for the hills or at least never open a curtain again, never leave your house, chuck your tablet, mobile phone and computer. Blue light is coming to get you…

What Is Blue Light How Does It Effect Skin Ageing

Alright! Let’s just wake up from that nightmare shall we? Blue light is everywhere and even in your screens. Some ‘brand experts’ are telling you to change your phone, tablet and desk top off blue light and honestly, it is OK to do that if you want to. But, you know me and scientific evidence and common sense and practicality and of course, the small business of actually living your life! So, here is the thing…

You would have to hold your mobile phone 1 cm away from your face for 416 consecutive hours, to equal just 1 hour of blue light from the sun.

Conclusion? Yes Blue Light does age you, but hell, you can put an excessive amount of energy into avoiding ageing and the result is, you will still age (we are oxidising as you read this) and you will eventually die. So, my advice is do enough to age youthfully, but not so much that you get to your rocking chair and wonder if you actually lived!

UVA/UVB light is ageing you so make sure you use a moisturiser with SPF

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