#PayItForward with kindness

The season's excitement is ramping up.  Plans are afoot for decorating tree's, family lunches, new year parties, pressies, hangover cures and revitalising dehydrated skin.  We deserve a truck load of fun and happiness, especially after the tumultuous year we've been subjected to and I really hope you have the best time ever. 

Without diminishing that, without any guilting at all, let's also spare a thought, show some kindness and share our good fortune with others, if we are able.  Here's five worthy options you might like to consider:

Stand By Me Charity

Stand By Me - They support the education and health of orphaned children in many parts of the world. The leader of this charity was once a child beneficiary and he has come back to help grow this charity. I heard him speak and I wept. They take only 4% for admin costs (that is very low in comparison to other charities). Via her school, Yasmin and I have sponsored a girl in Ethiopia but if you don't want that commitment level, you can donate. You know I am committed to the education of girls all over the world because I truly believe our planet and the human race will have a more balanced and peaceful future.

Give and Make Up Caroline Hirons Charity

Give and Make Up - closer to home, Caroline Hirons started this initiative (non profit) seven years ago. It supports Refuges for women and children who are fleeing from domestic abuse in London and Cardiff.  You may have read that women's shelters are under enormous funding pressure.  I've sent many bags of clothes and supplies - remember these women often have to pick up their child and literally run for their lives.  The link gives you lots of information on how you can help or obtain more information. 

Tools For Inner Peace Charity

Tools for Inner Peace - I know a lot of you love yoga. The wars and famine around the world creates a lot of refugees. Who would flee their homes unless the prospect of staying endangered their lives and that of their children? Sleeping outdoors, being abused, being unwanted creates  trauma.  Yoga for Peace addresses the trauma for some of the victims.  There are also other worthy charities that are helping refugees.

The Felix Project Charity

The Felix Project - I was in A&E with my husband last night and happened upon the Evening Standard. Children are starving all over the world and here in the UK 1 in 10 children go to bed hungry while a quarter of families worry about food for their children! This project raises money so that schools can direct help to the most needy families.

Centrepoint Charity

Centre Point - this morning Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London was talking about homelessness and sofa surfing that affects about 300,000 people.  It could happen to any one of us. Centrepoint supports more than 9,200 homeless 16-25 year olds a year into a home and a job and the beauty industry has been supporting them for decades.

If you are able and to whatever degree, please lend your support, donation, sponsorship to any or all of these women's charities. They will appreciate your kindness and pay it forward.

Lots of love and blessings to you all.

Maleka Dattu MERUMAYA

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