The MERUMAYA Brand Challenge by Fiona Stacey, The Frog Princess

The MERUMAYA Brand Challenge by Fiona Stacey, The Frog Princess

Hi there, My name is Fiona and I’ve worked in the hair and beauty industry for over 30 years, so have always had an interest in skincare. However, when I started an Instagram and then a blog, this led me to meet new people with the same interests and discover new brands… namely being Merumaya.

I started to try the 'one brand challenge' skincare routine after being ill over Christmas. My skin was looking very dull and sorry for itself, and even though I had a LOT of skincare products in my arsenal, nothing seemed to be working. I was tired of every night having to think what combination, of rather expensive products, I was going to use and still not seeing any fabulous results. So, that was when I decided I was going to do a 'one brand' routine for a while, to see how my skin reacted.

I wanted to use products from the Merumaya range, and I was intrigued to see how they would all work in harmony with each other. I should state here that there was no discussion about this with the Merumaya team and I have not been paid by them. Its all my own opinion and Merumaya asked if they could feature this blog. The best thing of all, is that the range is totally affordable, and you’re getting high quality ingredients, with lots of background research and I just love love love the smell !!! I know the brands motto is #beautyhasnoage but I can tell you I’m 49 and my skin has never looked so clear and renewed.

I will be continuing this routine for as long as I can foresee. These products work for me, and I hope they do for you too!!

Fiona Stacey's one brand challengeAfter 2 weeks my skin was clean, clear, bright, even toned and fresh looking and never once felt dry and I was very glowy with lovely moisturised feeling skin. Even though I’d used a few new products to me, I’d not had one single breakout... That’s why I can’t comment on the Concentrated Spot Treatment™ as I didn’t have to use it once!!I have definitely concluded that using the full range is beneficial, as all the products each prepare the skin to get the maximum benefits from the next treatment, and I really enjoyed going back to basics with a simple cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise daytime routine... Great for when you’re in a rush in the morning!!!

My ultimate favourite product, which went immediately into my ‘holy grail’ products, was the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™. This product is just amazing for me. I had recently started to introduce Retinol into my routines but as much as they were effective, my skin soon started to feel dry and ‘brittle’ - but not after using this. Because of the inclusion of other goodies such as Squalane and Matrixyl 3000 into this treatment, my skin feels moisturised when i wake up in the morning. No dryness or fear of my face falling of with this!!

The second favourite product is the Gentle Exfoliating Toner™, although this is tricky as there are a possible of five other products being my second favourite... Gosh this is like having to chose your favourite child haha. I have been trying to reduce the amount of harsh exfoliating and acids, so this gem was just perfect. It removes any excess cleansing balm, and gently exfoliates ready for the skin to greater accept the benefits of the Iconic Youth Serum™ which I always follow up with.

Next would be the Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20, as a Retinol should always be followed with an SPF. I have yet to find a SPF face product that I like, but this doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. Make up goes on a dream over the top with no pilling up or breaking down of foundation. I take this right down over my neck and chest area, as I do with all for the products for maximum benefits.

As much I have loved the Melting Cleansing Balm™ for a while to use to remove make up in the evening, which it does extremely well, I wanted to also add in the Luxury Facial Wash™ for a more refreshing morning cleanse, and also to rinse off without using a washcloth to cut down on exfoliation. At first I was wary that it might be too soapy, but I was totally wrong. After washing my face it felt moisturised and nourished, it more goes to luxurious cream rather than a foam.

I used the following products....Luxury Facial Wash™, Melting Cleansing Balm™, Treatment Toner™, Gentle Exfoliating Toner™, Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™, Youth Preservation Moisturiser™ SPF20, Iconic Youth Serum™, Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™, Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™ and Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™. I switched the products to use for my preferred AM and PM routine. Please do not hesitate to try these products or any others from the range that may suit your skin type better. They do not disappoint!!

You can follow the lovely Stacey on Instagram @staceywith_an_e and read her blog at The Frog Princess Save Save Save


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