The Importance of Echium Oil for Collagen

The Importance of Echium Oil for Collagen
Back when I was creating the first products, four scientists around the table including the genius Professor Karl Lintner, were slugging it out to prove which was the best ingredient for lines and elasticity.  Eventually, as Prof, Karl revealed more and more clincally tested evidence about Echium Oil, the other scientists in the room conceded, that it was the best ingredient of those recommended. That is how every single active ingredient was selected to give you best results.

I'd like you to know why there is a massive 5% of Echium Oil in Iconic Youth Serum™ & Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™
  • RevitElix, our source of Echium Oil which has had the clinical trials, is clinically proven to regenerate skin when used topically. It has even gone through punch biopsies, for testing on real human skin
  • It significantly increases pro-collagen1, which is the precursor to collagen formation and gives skin its firmness, support, strength and suppleness
  • Fibrilliln-1 is central to formation of elastic fibres in the skin which should be able to stretch up to 1.5 times their own length when they are in good form.  It's where your skin gets it's bounce and density.
  • Decorin, is involved in linking collagen fibres together. Remember from my video, collagen is a triple helix protein molecule.  It helps to improve skin structure, reducing wrinkles and skin's uneven texture.
If that is not enough, this amazing ingredients also:
  • boosts skins protection by providing anti-inflammatory action against UVB induced inflammatory damage - sun damage is responsible for about 80% of skin's ageing. The anti-inflammatory component of Echium Oil is Stearidonic Acid and Echium Oil contains 12-14% compared to only 2-4% in fish, borage and blackcurrant oils. Hence is is uber calming and reduces inflammation associated with acne, irritation and skin ageing
  • And it has antioxidant protection which helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen in your skin and so prevent skin ageing.
The downsides?
  • Like all Omega rich oils, it does oxidise. Echium will smell a bit earthy, mushroomy, unlike fish oils that will smell of, well fish.  I tried 81 different formula's that had replacements for Echium Oil and did not find an ingredient that is quite as good. But you know what, the upsides far, far outweigh this one downside. 
Echium Oil in these two products is a bit of a star performer amongst along with the other 8-10 active ingredients, which mean you don't have to pile on several layers of products. 

I hope this was not too scienc-y, I just wanted you to know how much science and thought has gone into the creation of each of these products.  It also demonstrates that while we take social responsibility seriously by being Vegan Society Certified, we do not forsake excellent results.  I am really very proud of these formula's. Please, do give them a try - you wont be disappointed.

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