The Best Mascara and its budget price

The Best Mascara and its budget price

Mascara is one of my desert island products. Yes, I know it should be sun protection and it is... as well. 

The world has gone crazy for false lashes but honestly I cannot be faffed with that, unless it is for a special night out and perhaps a couple of crystals on them too. I know, I am going all Ru on you; Danny or Paul, whichever you prefer.  The strip lashes are so thick and long and heavy. The individual ones have you looking like a half plucked chicken a couple of weeks in when a few have fallen out. Baldy bits that have me staring at the owner to the point that I sometimes forget what we are talking about!

Back to Mascara and it is Max Factor Masterpiece.  Launched when the film Geisha was released. I keep going back to it though I have tried so many others.  It is about a tenner and I got 3 for 2 in Boots last week so about £6.50 a piece.  Lancome's hypnose is also really good but it is about 3 times the price and no better.

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