Teenage Skincare Tips

Teenage Skincare Tips

Teenage Skincare is especially important and not just for dealing with spots and acne. Teenage Skincare should be all about preventing skin damage that results in premature skin ageing, that you will spend heaps of time and money trying to undo in later years. 

Here is my best advice and it is advice I will give to my own daughter.

Gentle Cleansing

Thorough, gentle, cleansing is the cornerstone of Teenage Skincare routines.  This is important whether or not you are an acne sufferer because it is all about creating healthy, vibrant skin, for life. 

Remember to remove your makeup, dirt, grime, pollution with a cleansing balm that does not have a high wax content, so it hydrates but does not cause blockages to the skin, that end up as raging spots. Do this twice a day. 

If you suffer from spots or are acne-prone, remove makeup with the cleansing balm and clean your skin with a gentle, facial wash. You only need to do the two cleanses at night, if you wear face make up. If you are using cleansing cloths, use a freshly laundered one every day.  If you are acne-prone, use a fresh pillow-case every second night and flip to the other side on the night between.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Keeping skin hydrated is exceptionally important and that does not mean that you add oils to oily skin. Hydration is all about adding water or preventing your skin from losing its own moisture content. It is also one of the best ways to keep your skin youthful, dewy and smooth for much longer.

I recommend using a serum that is rich and yet light, such as Iconic Youth Serum™ It is especially good for anyone suffering from spots too because it contains Echium Oil which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and so helps to calm spots and prevent skin ageing.

Drink Water

Drink a ton of water to help attain clear skin and eyes. Get enough sleep, your skin (and brain!) are regenerating. 


Use SPF protection daily.  This is one of the best ways to protect your skin from damage and to keep you looking more youthful throughout your life. You've heard the saying 'prevention is better than cure'? It's true.

Thing is, you cannot see the damage UVA and UVB rays are doing to your skin until many years later so, trust me and use a sunscreen. That said, make sure you expose some skin to daylight every day, so you do not become deficient in Vitamin D - important for bones and also skin.


Exfoliate your skin gently but do not over-do it. Avoid scrubs and opt for peels or acid toners instead.  Exfoliation is especially good if you have issues with spots, blackheads, uneven skin, dry patches etc. 

Be You

Don't be so anxious about attaining an 'ideal' look.  The most beautiful thing about you is that you are an individual, that no-one looks exactly like you.  Feel confident in that fact, feel beautiful because of it; when you feel it and believe it, you are. 

I promise you will look back on photo's in decades to come and wish you had been more confident in the way you look, wish that you looked like that still.  Don't let anyone, ever make you feel less beautiful or undermine your confidence - it will be about their insecurities, nothing to do with you. 

If you ever need advice about skincare, you can email me at info@merumaya.com and I will try to help.

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