Spring CleanSing your skincare wardrobe - how to?

Spring CleanSing your skincare wardrobe is essential, at least once a year. So, while you are spring cleaning your house, it's a good idea to tackle your skincare and make-up wardrobe too.

1. If you have not used it in a year, you are not likely to and unlike some wines, it does not get better with age. Trash it, use it on your bum or give it to someone (if it is usable). No! if it stinks, separates, has turned a browny-orange, is generally putrid and can walk to the bin by itself, you cannot give it to your mother-in-law!

Skincare spring cleaning2. So, that moisturiser may have been eye-wateringly expensive, to the point you feel mugged.  But honey, that money is gone and it ain't coming back, even if you hang on to a product you clearly don't love. It's also a daily reminder that you were suckered or wasted that money so, dump it now!

3. Have you embarked on the recent trend, for products that call out a single ingredient, in a supposedly super-high concentration (chokes!), but at an unbelievably low price? Are you following Instagrammers who regularly post images of 'this evenings skincare routine', that shows 12-15 products? Have you been seduced by the Korean trend for at least a 10-step skincare routine? Then chances are you have about 4/5 serums, you quaruple cleanse, triple tone and multi-mask until you are down to bone! Seriously, you have time for that and living a life?

4. When your skincare wardrobe is cluttered it is simply no fun.

Spring cleaning skincare

We are all about helping you get healthier and more youthful skin, but not spending more of your precious time (and life) doing it.

  • Dump all products listed above.
  • You only need a maximum of two cleansers. OK, if you are going to insist on a one for drunken nights, you can have a mi-cellar, but no wipes. If you use a cleansing balm, there is nothing to beat Melting Cleansing Balm™ for speed, effectiveness, wholesome ingredients and price. Luxury Facial Wash™ for acne-ic or spot-prone skins, is a must.
  • You only need a maximum of two toners and don't have to use both of them morning and night. You can alternate.
  • One serum can do it all, IF, it has been formulated well and with full concentrations of active ingredients.  More does not always equal more so, beware of massive concentration claims. Often they are 'solutions' of said ingredient and not the pure ingredient. If you want radiance, hydration & moisture, even skin tone, lines & elasticity improved, serious skin calming, try Iconic Youth Serum™. It is the very best.
  • For the vast majority of us and certainly if you are using a hydrating serum, one day and one night moisturiser is enough.
  • Eye Cream is a must-have. Chose an evidence-based multi-tasker like Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™.
  • If it is a choice between Exfoliator and Mask. Chose exfoliation or one like this acts as both. Otherwise, one exfoliating peel and maximum of 2-3 different masks.
  • Then keep products that deal with specific target areas that are important to you. e.g. spot treatment, lip treatment, Retinol etc.

What have you got left and which pile is it going in? Dump, use on body or Give to Friend?

Let us know how you got on with your Spring CleanSing and if you have any other tips to share with our gang.


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