Sleep Deprivation & Your Skin - Combating The Visible Signs

Sleep Deprivation & Your Skin - Combating The Visible Signs

Sleep deprivation is the scourge of modern life and we are regularly burning the candle at both ends. Here are some tips on how to combat the effects of sleep deprivation.

I am one of those people who have managed to survive on 6 hours or less during the week with a sleep in (before Yasmin) at weekends. I have felt a bit smug that I have the energy levels that allow me to do that for so many years. But, with recent knowledge about the importance of sleep to our health, controlling our weight (I have struggled my whole life), avoiding premature skin ageing and even our longevity at stake, I wonder...Then life chucked me some serious curveballs this year which have accelerated into 2017 and continue to take their toll. It's not just that at age 54, I have a 5-year-old daughter and that I started a business 4 years ago in which the fight to survive is unbelievably full-on.  In the last two months, both parents have had three visits each, to A&E in Harrow and stayed in hospital wards. That has meant, I have been in A&E until 5am with only 2 hours sleep before work and daily hospital visits.  My husband also had this third operation since April on his broken leg. The infection has gotten into the bone so, requires daily visit to hospital to have IV anti-biotics for 4 weeks. And then, as if I was not battling enough, I was diagnosed with severe anemia and am having iron infusions.

So how did that serious sleep deprivation affect my skin? 

When you are sleep deprived, here is a tendency to drink more alcohol, abandon exercise and eat less nutritious take-a-ways. If unchecked, it can also lead to depression. Let's not forget, during wars preventing prisoners from sleeping was a method of torture. We can go longer without food than sleep!  Enter, a serious case of dullness, spots, dark circles under my eyes and dry eyes. And, the lines on my forehead have taken root! My skin looked deflated, no sign of plump-licous to be seen and my scalp felt tight. I feel like my hair got dryer (bleach does not help) and my nails got more brittle, snapping off at the slightest knock.

Here is how I combated the visible signs of sleep deprivation

  • I started carrying a bottle of water in my handbag, to make sure that I hydrated inside-out.

  • I used a double layer of Overnight Recharge Night Cream™ before going to bed. It helps to reduce the signs of fatigue while you sleep and I applied it right under my eyes.

  • I drank hot water with chopped fresh ginger and fresh turmeric with a slice of lemon. Ginger and Turmeric are excellent anti-inflammatories and calm the stress in the body and skin.

  • I took an afternoon nap on one day at the weekend.

  • On the A&E days, when I did not cleanse properly before falling into bed.....Yes! there are days when it is impossible to do a proper cleanse. I was cleansing my cheeks and chin and then using Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ instead of a second cleanse and not removing eye make up.

  • I carried the newly packaged Concentrated Spot Treatment™ with me and applied 4 times a day to the spots that had returned with a vengeance.

  • I did a circular massage around the orbital bone with Intensely Youthful Eye Cream™.  It gets the circulation going, which brings with it oxygen and nutrients. That along with the Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea, helps reduce dark circles.

  • I doubled my intake of Omega 3,6,9 oil supplements. I am still using Skin Brilliance Supplements™ which we discontinued because they were past their sell by date. You could use other supplements.

  • Hair & Scalp Treatment with Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and exfoliating skin to overcome dullness.

  • On the night before a hair wash morning, I soaked my hair and scalp in Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™. Washing it out the next morning, my scalp felt less tight and my hair soft and glossier again.

  • I used Xailin eye drops, with hyaluronic acid, to help keep the moisture content in my eyes, which had gotten really dry and scratchy. When you suffer sleep deprivation, the last thing you want to do is add to your to-do list.

sleep deprivation for skin care All of the above could be done within my usual routine or on-the-go.  So important, when all you want to do is get under the duvet for 48 hours straight.

Sleep deprivation affects a huge percentage of the UK population. While it may not be on the extreme scale that I have recently experienced, nevertheless, you can use the tips above (except the not cleansing properly, which must be a rarity), to compensate for consistent, low-level sleep deprivation too.  The other option is to get to bed earlier! Might that be your 2017 New Years Resolution?

Do let us know how sleep deprivation has affected you, in the comments below. 


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