Should you mix 'n match your skincare?

Should you mix 'n match your skincare?
MERUMAYA mix match skincare mix 'n match skincare
Should you mix 'n match your skincare? Should you use skincare from the same brand? When a brand tells you that two or more of their products are designed to be used together for best results, should you believe them?  All good questions that I hope have crossed your mind at some point.  And the answers are.... I think mixing skincare from different brands is perfectly acceptable and go ahead if you want to....  The caveat being that you consider the following;
  • Many ingredients are clinically tested and thus, brands may sell you a product based on the claims that have been
    MERUMAYA mix match product info 
    This shows the results of Clinical Tests conducted on Echium OIl (RevitElix) as both an anti-inflammatory and dealing with lines and elasticity[/caption] proven in those trials.  The ingredients will have been tested at specific concentrations  and MERUMAYA treatment products contain the same concentrations.  A lesser known fact, is that many are applied twice per day during the trials and that contributes to the claims.  Because of that, I recommend that you use Iconic Youth Serum™, twice per day to get the claimed results.  Some beauty experts suggest you mix 'n match different brands between day and night.  Far better in my mind, to use one brand both day and night (if instructed that way) and when finished, try another brand if you wish.  At least then you will have been likely to receive the full benefits and judge effectiveness properly.
  •  Formulated to complement the other products. Should you use collections of products from the same brand?  It's up to you, though consider this. As a small brand creator, I am personally creating the formulae for each and every product. In the case of Iconic Youth Serum™ and Youth Preservation Moisturiser™, created at the same time, I selected active ingredients so that they complement performance.  They both contain echium oil, for it's incredible anti-inflammatory action on skin ageing, sensitive and acne-prone skin.  Other ingredients are in one or other and work to support each other.  The serum focuses primarily on preventing and perfecting signs of skin ageing and hydration.  The moisturiser also addresses skin ageing but in a different way; it's focus is, intense moisture and intense protection.  So when I say, they work well together,  of course I want you to buy both products from MERUMAYA but it is genuinely because that was how they were formulated. Does that mean that you will not get results if you use someone else's moisturiser? Not necessarily, you just wont get all the benefits I planned for you.
  • Some beauty experts admonish beauty brands for saying 'use our products together for best effects', as being for commercial reasons only.  This cynicism is somewhat deserved and it does no harm to challenge and raise questions of brands, because it encourages transparency and integrity.  However, consider the information explained above and then decide.  Not all brands deserve the criticism.  In the posts and articles I have seen on the subject, I have not yet come across one that explains the reasons above e.g. tested with a twice daily application. It probably applies more to small brands like MERUMAYA, where we do not have 28 different moisturisers, and it is highly unlikely, that a single person was responsible for personally crafting all 28, in a corporate brand.
So, in conclusion, I would say, use them as instructed on the pack (e.g. am & pm) to have best chance of getting the results and then if you really want to, try something else next time (not if it is MERUMAYA  of course. Ha ha!). Try using pairs together eg. serum and moisturiser or cleanser and toner or serum and night cream and see how that works for you.  And if you prefer to mix 'n match in any way you chose, go right ahead and please yourself. What do you think? Had any experiences that you are prepared to share  in the comments? Also, feel free to let me know of any topics you'd like me to post about. Please sign up for my blog posts as I don't always email them.

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