Sampling is a critical factor for the successful launch of MERUMAYA Integrative, Effective Skincare and I am approaching it in several ways to maximise the potential and effectiveness. I have had some previous experience of the benefits of sampling.  When I took over at the helm of a brand that was making a loss, my approach was about driving retail sales and re-allocating expenditure (rather than the common option of simply cutting costs).  Sampling fits both of these.  Trial does lead customers to purchase but I needed to quadruple the budget to make a quantum leap, that would have a strong effect on retail sales.  Therefore, I had to re-allocate expenditure to support this.  The advertising budget was minimal and I decided to use all the funds in that cost centre for sampling.  The rest, as they say is history as the brand went from strength to strength, gained significant market share and achieved profitability in the following year.  Every year thereafter, I significantly increased the sampling budget so that we 1. sampled icon products regularly, 2. preview sampled new products (before launch) along with an existing product 3. created national sampling programmes in partnership with a national newspaper 4. created more value sets. All of this was supported by training programmes. MERUMAYA product sample  Trialing products increases sales!
With MERUMAYA, Integrative Effective Skincare I have the added challenges of MOQ's (minimum order quantities) to deal with, nevertheless  it is a priority to find a way.steps building beauty business 4 steps to sampling success! First I will launch with a Taster set, which is likely to contain one full size product and four Trial size products. Thus allowing new customers the opportunity to experience five products with minimum investment.  My second sampling tactic is to make extra of the samples that will go into the Taster set to use when I launch my e-commerce site.  My third sampling effort is to also use the same samples to give to friends and family (that love a particular product) to give to their friends to try.  My fourth sampling effort is to produce samples of my Icon product. I am deciding between A) inserting them into the saleable product cartons of all products, which adds value/travel size to purchasing customers or B) providing this sample separately, so that both purchasing and non-purchasing customers have a chance to try the MERUMAYA's Icon product.  A), is very easy to implement in a self select and on-line selling environment and B), gives samples to non-purchasing customers though sometimes go astray in store.  Please would you comment at the end on which you prefer A or B.  Thank you. Lesson - Factor sampling into your budget wherever possible. Try before Buy has been shown to work time after time. Lesson - visualise how they will be used so that you can ensure the most effective distribution to your potential customers Self - following two 18 hour days this week, we all sat in the park at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon.  Eating ice-cream, playing with the baby and watching people here for the Olympics.  Bliss!


  • This Blog was most helpful, your ideas are straight to the point, and the colors are cool too.

    Shane K Richardson
  • Hi Maleka, as a consumer I would say B. As a customer who tends to try lots of different brands, but then will repurchase over and over when I find something I really love, I find that many of the samples I’ve had over the years have led to me purchasing the full size product. Especially when products are at a higher price point, as customers are often loathed to pay out for a full product if they’re unsure whether they’ll like it or or whether it will suit your skin etc. Regardless, after having read the reviews on your products I am going to put some money aside and put in an order for some of your skincare, I’m 46 and pretty much all my spare cash goes on my face or body!! You only get one face right!

    Gillian Pidler
  • One good reason why Christian Louboutin Uk footwear is so well liked is their assortment

    Luigi Fulk
  • Thanks for your comment. How do you sample in your business?


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