Press Reviews about MERUMAYA Integrative Skincare.

I have just completed a four days during which I conducted 7 Press launches to about 130 media.  It has been an amazing experience that I will cover in another post. However, thought you might like to see a piece of coverage that appeared the day after the Chic Geek attended. The speed of communication is astounding.   Thank you Chic Geek for your review and for allowing me to post it here on my blog spot.  

New British Skincare Brand - Merumaya

new british skincare brand merumaya Founder, Maleka Dattu, of new British skincare brand Merumaya - Integrative Effective Skincare, has three decades of experience from working at some of the world's leading skincare brands such as Clinique, Origins and Lancome. Made in Great Britain, Merumaya, has been developed with some of the world’s foremost authorities in skin science and integrates the best global skin intelligence with natural, nature identical and human-created active ingredients. The brand integrates on all levels; preventative skin ageing with anti-ageing, inside out supplements with outside-in topical treatments, anti-ageing that does not exacerbate adult spot prone skin with anti-spot treatments that don’t undermine anti-ageing efforts, high-end potent formulas with accessible pricing. Each uniquely formulated product, there are 9, addresses a broad spectrum of the signs of skin ageing; radiance, texture, lines, elasticity, hydration, protection, energy, plumpness, skin tone, firmness, puffiness, dark circles, tightening, pore size, and adult spots. These are further enhanced with the integration of Maleka’s very own 'Signature Essence Blend' fragrance, which has ingredients to uplift confidence levels. Merumaya’s absolute must-have is the Iconic Youth Serum, which contains 10 active ingredients in powerful concentrations bringing a youthful luminosity and radiance, and works overtime to improve the texture and diminish the signs of skin ageing. The name Merumaya doesn't mean anything, it's just the first two letters of the names of Maleka's father, mother, herself and sister. TheChicGeek says "Maleka is a lady who knows what she wants from decades of working in the industry and that means she knows what you want. Maleka's actually thought of everything here and hasn't priced it too high. Merumaya is straight forward, common sense skincare that preempts any need or issue you may have with your skin and the application of product. This is a new British skincare brand doing exciting things." Left - Iconic Youth Serum  -  £34.50 Products are available from Monday 15 October 2012 Chic Geek can be found here - Lesson: Social communication is essential; get comfortable with it, participate in it, befriend it and you will see the benefits. Lesson: Ask permission of the author to re-post their work and reciprocate with a link

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