People Do The Most Amazing Things

People Do The Most Amazing Things

I had no idea that this blog would capture the attention of so many people this quickly and prompt them to reach out and contact me. I am delighted. I have had a number of responses saying that it has been inspiring for them which has made me very happy and two recent events have been amazing.

I was contacted by someone that I had met about a year ago, with the intention of securing some consultancy work for the company she was employed by; let's call her J. We'd met a couple of times though it did not result in any paid work.  She emailed me after discovering my blog and asked if I would mentor her.  I had one of those moments where you turn around to see who the person is, being complimented.  Isn't that just like a woman? J, if you are reading this, could you please comment on this post and let me know how you came upon the blog,  because I forgot to ask you? I will speak with J next week and see what I can do to help.

Today, I met someone who contacted me last week too; we will call her P.  Honestly, I did not quite know what the meeting was about despite looking at her website.  She asked to meet. We spoke on the phone and I tried to discover the intention but was sidestepped.  We arranged to meet at 6.30pm (a Friday evening), as I thought it might lead to some work. I have a terrible cold and was in the streaming phase so, tried to postpone the meeting.  She asked if I would meet as planned as the date was significant due to a friend. I could not say no. I met P at Le Pain Quotidien and after a bit of fumbling it became clearer that she had discovered my blog and is starting a business with her husband and was looking for some help, advice and guidance.  She had come prepared with a card upon which was written all the things in my blog that had had an effect on her and a couple of other cards, POS material, book, etc.  In addition, she told me that her good friend had suffered a miscarriage yesterday at 20 weeks (her second one) and would I be able to provide her with a message of hope, that would help her to carry on in her desire to have a child. So here are my lessons...

Lessons for the friend (I really don't mean that to sound pompous so, sorry if it does) - what is meant for you, won't go by you is not quite enough. You need to create an environment to facilitate. I tried zinc (for partner too), acupuncture with Gerad Kite and Zita West, did not abstain from all things fun and living my life, focused on the very positive things/people in my life showing gratitude and tried to make them even better and followed up a breakfast show in which Dr Hassan Shehata was interviewed with his patient who had suffered 19 consecutive miscarriages and his treatment had resulted in her sustaining a pregnancy and having her baby. How inspiring is that? Dr Shehata does private and NHS work.  Gerad told a friend of mine that when he first met me, he was dubious about my chances given my age etc. but was struck by my belief that having a baby was possible and would happen. I am not saying any of this will work for anyone else but the lesson is, that I created as positive an environment for success as I could.  She asked me to write a message to her friend in a card she had brought.

Lessons for her business that I think are applicable to most;

  1. Absolutely try to meet as many people as possible in the field you are entering and get as much advice as possible, though here is the thing; from those who have been successful and those that have not. There is much to learn from both and then you know which habits to adopt and which to avoid.

  2. Passion is hugely valued though becomes even more powerful when you combine it with knowledge about your product or service and action to make it happen. No action and it is just a wish list @anthonyrobbins

  3. When pitching (selling) your product - demonstrate (which P did) and try to involve as many of the senses as you can. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste.  In this case, P demonstrated the power of a brand of Vit C and it's anti oxidant qualities though, she began the demo when I was reading the literature so I was not fully engaged. She did well in relating it to my cold - always make it personal. This will engage your audience much more effectively.

  4. Do not underestimate the power of charm. This combined with a soupcon of humility and a some knowledge of the person you want to help you, is super effective. This is all summed up in attitude and whatever your attitude, it is catching.

  5. Ask and you shall receive, the majority of people will help; remember my toilet roll holder? 'tis better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.  She asked and she received - I talked to her for 45 minutes on a Friday night.  And then she asked for more help, by way of more time.  I was unable to commit fully to this, though agreed she could call me if she needed some advice in the future. When you have a need that is great, put your pride aside. While your advance may well be rejected - so what? You will still (most likely) have the same number of limbs and a pulse so, a 'No' is not that bad which brings me on to....

  6. If you get a no try, try again. Find someone else who will help or find another way to ask the same person. In my case I must give thanks to business owners who have helped me, Simon, the founder of  Bulldog  - the natural skin care range for men, Sian, the co- founder of  Mama mio, Hilary Dart of Hilary Dart Associates and many others.  I got my fair share of rejections to my approaches and I am still getting some  but hey, I am still breathing. P, if you are reading this post, would you please comment on what your thoughts were before and after our meeting, as it is interesting for readers to get your perspective. What did I get out of this? I feel astounded that this blog is really having the effect I had hoped for. I feel on top of the world that I helped someone today and that she was happy.

It is reconfirmed that any number of people you meet might pop back into your life - the door is never closed and opportunity may come knocking at any time, so cherish your relationships.  I was inspired to write this post and to carry on writing many more.  I feel optimistic about the future. What goes around comes around and perhaps these people and their friends will want to try my products when they launch.  I hope so.

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