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Nimmi Prickly PairI'm Nimmi Dosanjh; thirty-nine years old; mother to two; wife to one; artist, tea maker, swearer extraordinaire and Founder of Prickly Pair (Europe) Ltd. I am a customer of MERUMAYA and during an email exchange, Maleka invited me to tell my story of realising my potential and living my dream; yes, that writes as wanky as it sounds but it’s the truth.

In September 2017, a friend was talking about starting her own business making stationery for weddings. I was in awe of her confidence, her drive and her self belief. I never imagined I could be so bold as to do that myself. However, I had a light bulb moment and came up with the idea of combining my two passions (ok, not my only two; also passionate about food, my family, online shopping, food, taking naps, sausages, stroking other peoples’ dogs – not necessarily in that order), which are art and swearing. I like to say “fuck”. A lot. So, I started my own business making offensive art work…

The idea grew wings so rapidly that by early October 2017, I had my business set up, logo designed, brand ready to go and converted my dining room to a studio. I have discovered I love painting animals and my pet portraits are very popular as are the water colours. I also hand paint and hand print personalised canvas tote bags, cushion covers, cosmetic bags and pencil cases. I make 100% hand made greetings cards both offensive and “sensible” ones. I use Punjabi as well as English as I couldn’t find anyone making cards as rude as mine in Punjabi. As I write this, my trademark has just been officially registered.

NIMMI DOSANJH Prickly Pair Dog PortraitThe business is doing better than I ever hoped. It was a steep learning curve. I surprised myself by how competent, capable, driven, committed, hard working and yes, supremely talented (not to mention, modest) I am. I was happy before this but I have a new self worth that I can’t describe. This small idea I had less than three months ago has changed my life. So if you are harbouring a dream, I urge you to follow it with all your heart.

I could so easily have been held back by years of criticism, sadly most often levelled at me by other women. I am judged almost daily for the way I dress, the opinions I have, my tattoos, my straight talking approach. I am told I am aggressive, insensitive, too honest (how is that even a thing?), too outspoken, stubborn. I have been told I think like a man. Don’t let others undermine your confidence and self esteem.

I applaud Maleka and her team for championing the need for women to support each other. We need to change the language we use to describe ourselves and each other. We are strong, not bossy. We are determined, not stubborn. We are driven, not aggressive. We are entitled to dress any way we like without judgment. To those who don’t agree, I have a vast range of hand made cards that describe you perfectly…

NIMMI DOSANJH prickly pair artwork

Not only do I love the Merumaya brand ethos, the products are also a firm favourite of mine. I’ve used a huge range of skincare products over the years. My essential Merumaya products are the Melting Cleansing Balm™, Eye Cream, Iconic Youth Serum™, SPF20 Moisturiser and the Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™. The eye cream is, pound for pound, the best product I have ever used. Compared to other far more expensive brands I have used in the past, Merumaya are fierce rivals and do not compromise on quality.

Merumaya works for me on so many levels. I believe in Maleka’s commitment to this brand. I believe Caroline Hirons when she says Maleka only uses the best quality ingredients and I respect the fact that Maleka could charge way more but chooses not to. These products work.

I am happy in my own skin.

Nimmi Prickly Pair

If you would like to take a look at my work, you can find me at:



  • Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring story; I can identify with some of the traits you have been criticized for ie bossy. I’m an aspiring artist just trying to find my niche. This story has given me the boost I need.

    Annick Cottom
  • I want start by say a very big well done to Nimmi. We have had some of your custome made products they are amazing. It’s brilliant that you followed your heart o don’t think you are to out spoken we need more people like you if anything. Your sense of humour is brilliant. I wish you all the success in your business keep it up .xx


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