Money Back Guarantee. Take our #BestFaceSerum Challenge

One of the Cosmetic Chemists behind that very very famous serum said "Maleka, your Iconic Youth Serum™ formula, walks all over that one. In fact, if you were to compare it formula-to-formula to other popular serums on the market, yours should be priced at about £500."

Our formula really is that superior, and better yet, only costs £38.50.

I am so confident that Iconic Youth Serum™ surpasses competitor products, that I am willing to give you your money back, if you don't see or feel a difference in your skin.

Take my #BestFaceSerum Challenge (for all skin types), starting within the month of May 2017 only. Try it for yourself, you have got nothing to lose.  Use it morning and night for 28 days and if you truly do not see or feel a difference in your skin, I will give you your money back.  All you have to do is:

1. Use Iconic Youth Serum™ morning and night for 28 days. Take a before and after picture because honestly, you will forget how your skin looked at the start. Try and use the same conditions for each. Same room, same time of day, same position, lighting etc as you can.

2. Buy Iconic Youth Serum™ (from our website only) and drop us an email at to let us know you are taking the #BestFaceSerum Challenge. Include your order number and the date in May 2017, you are starting. Offer expires midnight Sunday 14 May 2017. so make sure your email gets to us by then, while stocks last.

3. At the end of the 28 day period, email us at to tell us either A) you did not love it explaining why with your before and after photo's or B) you did love it, where you have posted the product review and request a CODE to use for 25% off your next bottle from our website.
WRetinol Resurfacing Treatmenthen you do see or feel a difference, please participate in the growth of a British-made brand and give us a review on our website, google plus, facebook and tell all your friends too please.

If you are a customer, registered on our website, and already using Iconic Youth Serum™, we will offer you the same opportunity, with either Retinol Resurfacing Treatment™ or Lip Line Restoration Treatment™, because it's only fair, that your loyalty is rewarded with INclusion.

I am really excited about this and very much looking forward to your feedback and as I said, you have nothing to lose so, I hope you will take the #BestFaceSerum Challenge.

Maleka x

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