How to revitalise tired looking skin

You may be a new Mum, a career girl burning the candle, be living with a snorer, going through a very worrying time, just been out for one... two bottles later... or just had galloping gut rot through the night.  Whatever it is, we all suffer from an intensely fatigued complexion (and brain) at some point in our lives.  Here are some Tips to help you through and to disguise your sleep deprivation.

You look in the mirror and there is the tell-tale puffiness... Quick as a flash, soak a face cloth in cold water, wring it out and pop it in the freezer.  Brush teeth, cleanse face or make coffee.  Remove face cloth from freezer and lay over your face for a minute or two and ahhhh!

Dark circles
.  After application of eye cream, apply some Serum on top and especially in the 'tear trough' of the eyes which need plumping and re-densifying.  Either before application of powder foundation or, after liquid foundation, drop your chin down a tad and the shadows around eyes will appear more obvious, showing you where to apply concealer.  Start at inner nose area up near eyebrow and follow tear trough and a bit below.  Blend, pat and re-apply if necessary.  Allow a little time to settle before a very light dusting of loose powder.

Dull complexion - a double layer of radiance enhancing Serum.  I know it is a night cream, but use Overnight Recharge Night Cream in the morning because it contains an ingredient that specifically deals with skin fatigue and the dullness that goes with it.  If you are regularly sleep deprived, it is a good idea to have this in your skincare wardrobe and use every night.  Apply foundation and apply a lighter shade to top of cheek bones, down bridge of nose, above upper lip line, centre of forehead and below tear trough.  Blend. Light powder setting if needed.  Then apply a radiance make up product such as Hourglass Ambient Powder to those areas.  Which ever one you chose, make sure the 'sparkle' is very subtle. Apply blush to the 'apple' of your cheek area in a peachy or pinky tone so that you look slightly flushed - very youthful looking.

I love Berroca with its intense hit of Vitamin C and B's and it helps you get an extra glass of water inside to help re-hydrate your skin.   I also like to eat a banana to give energy and a boost of potassium, along with a hand full of unsalted nuts including Brazil nuts for their zinc content.

STOP telling yourself and others how tired you are and instead marvel at how your body and face cope so well on so little sleep.  What you think determines what you say and how you behave, so positive thoughts will really help. With regards to the serum, Iconic Youth Serum contains Echium Oil, which is incredibly soothing and calming for the skin so, helps to correct the fatigue in the skin. It is also a super hydrator which plumps the skin and significantly improves elasticity, returning the 'bounce' factor to the skin.  Even those with sensitive and problem skins will get immediate and long term benefits from this.

Worth a try?  Let me know how you get on and please add your own tried and tested Tips in the comments below


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