#KissToMum On Mothers Day

#KissToMum On Mothers Day

Mothers Day will unleash a barrage of efforts to get you to buy flowers, perfume and choccies, to show her you love her. Do you know what she really wants this Mothers Day?  Your time, your presence, your touch, your smell, your smile.  To gaze upon the wonder of you, her best, most fulfilling achievement and her legacy. I sit here at 5 am, unable to sleep because my Mum has lain in a hospital bed for over two months, having been battered by several grueling operations.  With more bad news delivered yesterday by the Consultant, I don't know if she will even be here this Mothers Day.  So, this post is all the more poignant.

Making Mothers Day Memories

This woman changed your full Pampers, wiped your tears, healed your grazes with her love.  My Mother told me 'Mothers never sleep, they worry with their eyes closed'.  Here's how to give her some appreciative pampering, sharing your time and the present you give her.

First off, post a card - it communicates that Mothers Day was high priority enough, for a bit of forethought and planning. Even better would be to make the card, like you did when you were a little girl, and include a few words about a memory you have of her.

Book a convenient day in your Mothers diary and ask her to reserve it. so you can spend the day together. Gather all your beautification and pampering tools; you are going to have a Girls Night In or a Girls Spa at Home evening.  First thing through the door, is a looooong, tight hug.  Remember that comforting smell?

Give her the present and be excited about the day you are going to share. Give your Mum a bit of a facial massage, then apply a face mask to both of you.  While that is taking effect, make a brew and a bikkie or have a glass of something. Remove mask. Put your Mothers favourite film on the DVD and set to giving her a mini manicure and hand and foot massage using the beauty oil.  Paint her nails and while the nail enamel is drying, cuddle up with her on the settee to watch the rest of the film.

Film over, it's time for something to eat. How about cooking together. Even something as simple as an omelette will delight her if you are no Nigella.  While you share the meal, share with your Mothers some moments that meant a lot to you or helped you or made you proud of her or recognise a sacrifice she made for you.  Mothers don't get thanked often enough and this will help to reassure her that she got things right, while raising you.

Ask your Mother about her life, what her dreams were, what are her happiest memories. Perhaps it's time for a head massage with the beauty oil run her a bath, with a little more oil in it.  Sit on the (closed) toilet seat and talk.

Out of the bath, how about giving her a blow dry and doing her make up? These are the shared moments and days that will satisfy you, when you get to that place of having to face your Mothers mortality and, we all get there.  I took my Mother on a holiday about 20 years ago to a country where she had fond memories. I booked a top hotel because she'd never stayed in one so good before. I called the hotel in advance and told them I was giving my Mother the trip of a life time.  They upgraded us to a bigger room with a better view.  We stood shoulder to shoulder staring at the activites down below. I shared the room and the enormous bed with her. We re-traced her footsteps from her previous visits, ate in restaurants, went to an ice cream parlour, visited with her friends, wandered around arm in arm.  When we got back to London, she cried and told me how much it meant to her. That was one of her best ever holidays, spent with her daughter and they are memories that I will cherish forever.

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