John Lewis and MERUMAYA® - all the reasons to shop direct

John Lewis and MERUMAYA® - all the reasons to shop direct

John Lewis and MERUMAYA® is no longer a Partnership - (could not resist the pun!).

Sometimes, you just have to say "No!", though the parting of ways between John Lewis and MERUMAYA® may be bittersweet. It is impossible to offer the level of customer service that we are often congratulated for in John Lewis.  Our customer service has a beating heart, not just a statement of intent.

Let's focus on the positive of buying direct from us rather than from John Lewis;

  • We offer redeemable MERUMAYA® Money when you register, purchase and refer a friend. Your friend will also receive 15% off.
  • We are always in stock of the best selling lines and our stock is within expiry dates.  We have new products available for sale, at the time of launch.
  • We have good product knowledge and can offer you informed advice on skincare, your skin routine, products and how the ingredients work.  You can also have a FREE personal consultation with Maleka, Founder of MERUMAYA®.
  • We offer promotions, discounts and special purchases, which is not possible with John Lewis.
  • Our standard UK delivery is free on orders over £40 compared to John Lewis over £50. And delivery is often quicker because we send First Class.  We have even offered customers the option to collect their order at our offices in London, if it is more convenient.
  • Our website looks after you and includes an area for you to Get Inspired, Be Happy!

So, for the many of you who previously bought our our evidence-based products at John Lewis, we very much look forward to welcoming you at in the near future.

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