How to look like Cindy Crawford at 50

I have always struggled with my weight but secretly, always felt that one day it will happen and I will have that ideal, head-turning figure (I've certainly been wishing hard enough!), even at 52, I believed...Did anyone catch The Sunday Times Style magazine, 20 September 2015? Cindy Crawford has always been my favourite of all the original Super Models but, it still made me feel a bit defeated. If you felt a bit wistful too, read on and prepare to feel better.... I realised the following;
  • The Sunday Times cover states, 'five decades of Cindy Crawford' but did you notice that of the 7 photographs, the most recent was 15 years old.
  • All photographs are taken by the worlds best professional photographers (Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh etc),  are re-touched and, looking amazing was her job for which she got paid a lot of money.
  • She talks of feeling insecure too - it's all relative and affects us all.
  • Even Cindy does not feel comfortable in a mini skirt and 5 inch heels as she approaches 50.


Though I admire Cindy for her dedication and discipline and I still would love to look like that, the intensity of what is required, is simply not a price I am willing to pay.  Honestly though, I have had enough of not loving the skin I am in. Especially important now I have a daughter (my body did me proud at 48!) and I want to teach her to love and enjoy her body, brain, emotions, looks, abilities and opportunities. I want her to feel  a core of confidence because it is powerful, sexy, ageless, fulfilling, gives true freedom, releases happiness that is not dependent on another person validating you for your looks or any other reason.  I want that for all of us too; women all over the world.  That said, it does not mean that we should not put some effort in to looking and feeling, our own personal best too. On a small scale, that is why I talk about youthful ageing vs. anti-ageing.  I have to sprinkle in the term anti-ageing on my website for google search purposes and to be 'visible' on the internet. That said, the essence of my MERUMAYA message is youthful ageing and I hope you have noticed that its about; no pressure, guilt-free, looking and feeling fabulous, being happy, developing true self confidence, sensuality, attraction, sensorial experiences, pleasure, supporting, integrity, time saving, respect and interaction. So without wanting to sound preachy, here are my tips for youthful ageing and though only one point is about skincare, they all show on your face;


  • Cleanse twice a day and keep your skin properly hydrated. Have a good skincare regime that fits into your routine and does not require you to spend more of your precious time, trying to hold back time.
  • Use SPF to prevent ageing but also allow the sun on your skin, to keep Vitamin D levels up and to get that sun-kissed look. No sense looking super young, while battling crumbling bones
  • Exercise and stretch regularly and moderately. Keep moving or one day you will seize up, Strength, flexibility and cardio fitness are all equally important.
  • Don't over eat every day and don't over indulge in alcohol too often. Yo-yo weight loss and gain is not great for your skin tone and elasticity.
  • Laugh a lot.  Over-laugh, even minutely funny situations, it's infectious.  Endorphins are released and they make you feel good.
  • Make love more often - people interviewed in their 60's 70's 80's, when asked what do they wish they had done more of, said sex.  They did not say, work longer hours, worry more, squeeze toothpaste from the end or close cupboard doors (that last one is for my husband who drives me insane by leaving cupboards open).
  • Keep in touch -  one day you wont be able to. Socialise.
  • Say 'I love you' - much more often.  My parents are in their 80's and I end every conversation with 'I love you' so that it is always the last thing I have said to them.
  • Dance - spontaneously, in your living room is just perfect and I guarantee you will feel happy, laugh, feel youthful.
  • Help other people more - compassion and kindness towards others makes you feel good too
  • Be thankful for something you have, every day.
  • Don't let what other people think, hold you back from reaching for your personal goals.  They will have someone different to talk about tomorrow.


If you agree, please participate in MERUMAYA help shape this brand, help it to be the brand that resonates with you and your life. Comment, make suggestions, tweet, instagram, join us for some filming with Maleka, test products when we email, send before & after photo's, share your experiences, use our products please and help spread the word.  I worked at the Estee Lauder Companies for 21 years and she famously said 'Tel-ephone, Tel-egram, Tell-a Woman". Obviously before, smartphones, apps, instagram etc. but communication, is one of our secret weapons as women and it is a powerful force for good.

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