How To Give Yourself A Facial In 5 Easy Steps

How To Give Yourself A Facial In 5 Easy Steps

We don’t all have the time or money to have regular facials but that does not mean that we cannot get many of the benefits, in our own bathrooms.

Here are five easy steps to creating an at-home facial, that saves you time and money, while you get re-vitalised skin. 

Cleanse - Massage - Exfoliate - Face Mask - Replenish Moisture

  1. I believe that cleansing is the cornerstone to vibrant, healthy-looking skin.  One of the reasons why your skin looks so good after a salon facial, is the thorough cleanse your skin has had. Double cleanse with Melting Cleansing Balm for an effective, hydrating cleanse and remove with Daily Cleansing Cloths for a 'steam-complexion. The first cleanse removes make up and grime and the second cleanse, actually cleans the skin underneath make-up and also acts as a lubricant for the facial massage…

  2. Facial massage relaxes tension in the muscles of the face, improves circulation which helps to remove toxins and give a healthier looking colour.  The Sweet Almond Oil in the Melting Cleansing Balm, is very nourishing. Use this method:

    • Use firm, circular and upward strokes that are lifting.
    • Small circular movements around nostrils to ease congestion
    • Circle around the orbital bone to help lymphatic drainage.
    • Pinch and release the eyebrows between thumbs and forefinger - gradually moving from centre to outer brows
    • Firm strokes upwards, between the brows to combat frown lines & tension
    • Circles at the temples to ease stress
    • Apply pressure with pads of finger tips, in front of the ears at the joint of the jaw, which releases tension and especially good if you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth. Continue to massage behind the ears to relieve dry skin caused by trapped shampoo/styling products
    • Loosely clench fingers and use them in circular movements on your décolletage.
    • Finish with deep circular movements, going right up the neck into the hairline.
    • Removes excess with Cloth.

  3. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and all skins will look brighter, clearer and more translucent. It is generally agreed that peels are a better way to go than scrubs. I have combined acid and enzyme technology in our Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel for highly effective, yet gentle results. Dry skins will absorb treatment product better and so get more benefits, Oily skins look less sallow and pores appear smaller. Problem skins are helped to stay clog-free, which helps prevent spots. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes and either, have a little lie down, or get something off your to-do list while it goes to work.

  4. Face Masks are an important ritual in a facial as well as giving skin benefits. Chose one for the benefits you want – radiance, deep cleanse, oil absorption, spots, hydration. If it is radiance that you are after, Pure Radiance Mask is our offer.  This might be where you want to apply it and slip into a warm bath for 15 minutes, close your eyes and relax or stare at a flickering candle flame, to help you meditate and clear your mind. Remove mask.

  5. Now to start replenishing moisture, hydrating and plumping your skin with essential nutrients. Start to lock in moisture while refreshing the skin with Treatment Toner which contains micro and brown algaes along with hyaluronic acid to start layering and locking in moisture. Serums are a powerhouse and well absorbed by the skin. Iconic Youth Serum is the heartbeat of the MERUMAYA range and you will see an immediate difference in the skin, that just keeps getting better and better. Apply an Eye Cream and the appropriate day or night moisturiser.  After a  few minutes, apply a second layer of moisturiser.

Your skin will appear fresher, relaxed and rejuvenated. It will feel dewy and plump. I prefer to do my at-home facial in the evening, getting into some cosy jammy’s and then going to bed. If you want to add a scalp treatment, massage your scalp using some sweet almond or coconut oil. Press in firm circular movements focusing on the areas that are a bit painful (the good pain of releasing tension). Cover pillow case with a towel and allow the oils to go to work overnight, shampooing twice, in the morning. Skin looks incredible in the morning, your head will feel lighter from the reduced tension and you will feel fabulous too.  Even better for having pocketed the cost of a salon facial.

Please let me know your comments and results of your at-home facial and share this post with your friends please.

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