How to get the sexiest smile

A smile lights up a room, lifts spirits and makes everyone including you, 'Happy'! So here's a few tips to make sure, you have the sexiest smile in the room.

Looking after your Lips

Before and after Lip Line Restoration TreatmentIf only you knew the love that has gone into the creation of Lip Line Restoration Treatment™!  It minimises the depth of lines, smooths, softens and hydrates.  It's so much more than a filler, a temporary lip plumper or plain old lip balm. It treats the skin, for immediate smoothing and long-term results and application and life of lip colour is better, with minimised 'bleeding'. The customers who tested this have reported great results and want to smile more! A customer who took her own 'before and after'  photographs and you can see the improvements. Anyone who has vertical lines on the lip line and the lips themselves, should try this. It's not just smokers or ex-smokers, it is often genetic, and it worsens because our mouths are moving constantly.

Lip Line Restoration Treatment and its perfect partners, helping to remove those "barcode" lines The skin just above the lip line is often be a little rougher and thicker than usual.   Put a little Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel™ on a cotton bud and apply to just above the lip line, leaving for a few minutes before removing.  It refines the texture of  the 'thicker' skin, minimises the 'barcode' lines and you absorb treatment products more efficiently.  Little tip, I use it on my elbows too from time to time.

A great smile needs healthy looking teeth.

Philips Sonicare is the best toothbrush ever!  Two minutes of methodical, don't-miss-a-bit-tooth-brushing, morning and night, will have you smiling more confidently.  OK, so it is expensive but I am convinced, has led to fewer dentist and hygeinist expenses. You can buy it from Boots using your Advantage Card Points, google for best deals or put it on your birthday wish list. I also use a whitening toothpaste that helps sensitivity too.

Flossing is a sure-fire way that MERUMAYA suggests for you to get that perfect smileThere's no way round  flossing however, you don't need to be twirling lengths of floss round your fingers, gurning to get to the back or cutting off blood supply to your finger tips as the floss gets ever tighter.  These are hands down, the easiest ever, flossers.  I discovered these when I was living in New York and brought back dozens of packs when I returned to the UK.  Of course, more expensive than regular flossing ribbon, but because it's so easy and quick, you will daily-floss your way to the sexiest smile.

When I was about 38, I read an article in YOU magazine, about cosmetic dentistry and veneers.  I was keen to get veneers. A dentist suggested that I have my teeth professionally whitened, before embarking on an invasive, teeth damaging treatment.  I definitely recommend it. Teeth discolour as we age so whitening them will not only improve your smile but make you look more youthful too.

Nothing kills the beauty of your smile (or the passion of a snog) like bad breath.  The bacteria that causes bad breath, lives on your tongue.  Get yourself a tongue brush or tongue scraper.  If you have a firm toothbrush, you can use that at the end of your brushing.  Daily tongue brushing, will remove that horrible layer of yellow-y gunk (yuk!), that is even worse after a garlicky meal.

Cosmetically enhance your smile

How to get the sexiest smile with the best Merumaya skincareKeep the lip pencil really sharp for the best line in town. I honestly cannot be bothered to match a different lip pencil to every lipstick so, tend to stick to two colours, both MAC. Plum and Half Red and SubCulture for more neutral.  Draw just outside the lip line to make them bigger or even the shape without any need for injections.  Lisa Eldridge has gone a great tutorial on that. I am loving Kiko for lip colours, great textures and affordable prices.  It's said that those who wear red lipstick, smile more, so get a slash of movie-star red glamour on.

Let us know your thoughts and tips below please.

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  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile after all. I’m really enjoying the new lipline treatment, took a few attempts to become accustomed to the texture but once that was out of the way I adored it. Also love Kiko liners; Kiko in general are a brilliant brand.

    Kara – Spread The Sparkle ?


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