How to create gorgeous eyes in 5 easy steps

So we don’t all have the almond shaped eyes of Sophia Loren, Brigit Bardot or Cleopatra though we can ALL care for and enhance our eyes in very simple ways.  Here are some of Maleka at MERUMAYA, tips on How to create gorgeous eyes and you don't need to be a makeup artist to do them for yourself.



  1. A great mascara should build volume and length easily. Apply a couple of extra layers to the outer, upper lashes to give a wider and lifted appearance which is very alluring. Personally I prefer not to wear waterproof mascara as the removal can damage the lashes and who wants to lose those precious flutterers? Mascara is one of my ‘dessert island’ products and I recommend a couple – 1. Max Factor Masterpiece is still a favourite from the launch of the film Geisha (love that film) 2. Ready to Wear Volume Mascara which I was given and am loving.  In keeping with the MERUMAYA fair price position, I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on mascara as there are some excellent choices at every price point and both of these are around the £7/8 mark.

  1. It is important to remove all traces each evening even though it is a bit of a bore. So you want an eye make up remover that is Effective, Gentle, Hydrating. I created for Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover with that in mind. We have suspended hydrating humectant gels in a traditional bi-phase formula so that you get efficient removal but it does not feel ‘scratchy’ when you rub….and I know you do! This is what one customer has to say…. Loved using Bi Phase Plus Eye Make Up Remover, so easy and efficient just melted every trace of mascara shadow liner away onto cotton wool pad. Not too oily just enough so when dragging down pad to remove didn't feel dry so as to drag the delicate eye area. Loved using it and would certainly buy just like all the other Merumaya products. Just to note: I have sensitive eyes and not a problem when product was used. Thank you Merumaya.


  1. Eye Brows were, until recently, the most under made-up part of the face. I have always been crazy about eyebrows because they give so much expression and lift to the face. My heritage is eastern and often women from eastern regions have a lot of excess hair (goodness knows I have made some men envious of my hairy arms at times!) so, we learn the art of removal from a young age.  We are are own eyebrow guru's have you noticed a lot of threaders are eastern too?  If you are not good at shaping, get them done and keep it up with tweezers afterwards. Fill in gaps, darken or refine the shape with a brow pencil or a shadow. If using a pencil the best tips are 1. Make sure it is super sharp so that you can ‘draw’ hairs rather than a ‘line’ 2. match the colour to your eyebrow hairs. This image shows the difference; place the tip of pencil on the skin and then do an almost flicking motion, lifting the pencil off the skin.  That gives you a thicker 'root' area and a finer end which emulates a hair.


  1. Moisturise and keep lines, puffiness and dark circles at bay…. Round the eyes is the first place we notice the signs of ageing. Prevent and Perfect these signs by using an eye cream morning and night. The skin is thinner in this area so it is more susceptibleto damage. People often mistake the orbital bone for the cheek bone. Feel your orbital bone, it is much higher and closer to your eyes than you think and it goes under the brow too. So apply the eye cream up to and on the orbital bone. Take a look at the benefits of Intensely Youthful Eye Cream
  1. Concealing around the eyes can be a bit tricky and leave you looking tired, dry and even accentuating lines. Work on the basis that light brings forward and dark takes back. General concealing can often be done with a little more of the foundation you have used, applied with the finger or a brush. Tip your head slightly down and it will pick up the shadows more easily for you to identify where to conceal.  If you have the ‘tear trough’ you can go a little lighter in that area only (not all round the eyes). If you are darker skinned, avoid going too light as it will tend to look grey on the skin and stick with the yellow tones too. Blend really well. Start high up towards inner part of nose where the shadow starts. Moisturise really well before  applying to avoid the skin round the eyes looking cakey and dry.
One last tip that has saved me more than a few times as I am an emotional mush!  If at a wedding or any occasion where you are crying, Bend head forward until your face is parallel to the floor and the tears will drop out of your eyes without disturbing your mascara. Let me know how you get on with these tips and please join my mailing list for exclusives and FaceBook for announcements and latest news. If you have a little time, please add a product review to my website and most of us trust other customers reviews.

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