How to combat Winter-Skin

How to combat Winter-Skin

The cold weather has really kicked in this last week and all over I hear cries of dry, flaky, sore, red, rough,weather-beaten Winter-Skin.  This is not the exclusive domain of only our dry-skinned friends, it affects us all to a greater or lesser extent.

Here are a few quick tips to combat winter skin:

1. Adding more more of the same doesn't always help

When skin is parched many will add more moisture and find it is not helping enough. Then they change their moisturiser...  Moisturisers have many effects but one they all have in common is to moisturise and hydrate the surface of the skin. So, by definition that means that they need to at least somewhat sit on the surface to add comfort and protect the skins barrier.  Adding more of the same does that but does not necessarily improve the natural functioning of the skin lower down. 

Iconic Youth Serum improves skin function, hydration and soothes winter-skin Iconic Youth Serum improves skin function, hydration and soothes winter-skin.

Therefore, it is better to add a Serum, under the moisturiser day and night. Good serums are absorbed quicker and deeper, tend to contain the 'power-house' actives that improve the skins own performance.  In the case of Iconic Youth Serum, the high echium oil is also an incredible anti-inflammatory and is especially soothing to even the most delicate/sensitive skins. Using both Serum and Moisturiser is far more likely to get results than doubling up on moisturiser.
Pukka Three Ginger Tea is warming

2. Keep an eye on those gingerbread lattes!

We tend to reach for hot drinks more in winter months and therefore tend to increase caffeine, sugar and decrease, plain old water. Caffeine can affect yours skin's hydration levels and sugars have a detrimental effect on your skin's performance too. Keep up the water intake and try to have some herbal teas in place of coffee and builders tea.  I personally like Pukka Three Ginger Tea; it is warming and gets the circulation going. I also like Jasmine Tea but I avoid the fruit teas which can sometimes have added sugar.

3. Nourish skin with oils

Facial oils have gained in popularity over the last few years.  Add a little into your moisturiser or apply directly to your skin with a little massage and then pop your serum or moisturiser on top.  However, it is not just your face that suffers winter-skin. So can your scalp, hair, lashes, cuticles, hands and feet.  Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil, tackles all of that from one bottle containing the exclusive Kahai Oil. It has more Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids that Argan oil too.

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil. The original multi-tasking beauty oil

If your hands and nails suffer winter-skin; dry, cracked, hands and cuticles and brittle nails, here's what to do.  Exfoliate your hands.  Apply Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and massage. Apply Hand or Body Cream. Wear cotton gloves overnight. Do that as often as necessary and you will restore the condition of your hands and nails. Oh, and don't be tempted to put hands straight on the radiator when coming in from the cold!

4. Top up your moisture levels throughout the day

If you are in and out of heated buildings or office, keep a hydrating spritz to hand and spray as necessary.  Or use Treatment toner on a cotton pad and press over the top of your make up.  The hyaluronic acid and natural betaine will aid hydration and surface comfort. Lips can suffer winter-skin too.  Avoid drying matte lipsticks, opting for balm type lip colours or applying a lip balm under your colour.  I've found some moisturising lipsticks at Kiko and NewCid and they are reasonably priced. You can also apply face oil and you get double use from your eye cream by using on the lips.  When applying your serum and moisturiser, be sure to stretch the mouth into a big 'O' and get into the corners where they are more liable to cracking. When you get home from work and are not going out, remove your make up immediately.  Massage in some Face Oil and then apply serum/night cream before going to sleep.  Having a make-up free face and the face oil on for a couple of hours at least before bed gives it a good chance to get to work.

Please share any tips you have in the comments below.

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